10 most expensive perfumes


Gianni Versace of blessed memory once said ” Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance-a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and woman’s personality. Without it, something is missing”.

One thing that boosts one’s confidence in public is to smell very good and be devoid of any stinky smell that would wade off people from you. If there is one celebrity who has been tagged as always smelling nice then it’s ex-England footballer David Beckham. The likes of David Wheather, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Alex Jones who have had the chance of getting closer confirmed how good he smelled. Wheather and Ronaldo who once shared the same dressing room with him confirmed how good Beckham was always smelling nice even after training.

Today I will run you through the list of the 10 most expensive perfumes.

1. Shumukh by Nabeel-$1.5 million

Launched in UAE by Mr. Asghar Adam Ali Chairman and founder of Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies which has been operating for the past five decades.

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It is not only sweet-scented but has also been nicely decorated with precious minerals such as gold and diamond. It also made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive perfume. It tops the list on 10 most expensive perfumes.

2. Golden Delicious by DKNY-$1 million

Owned by fashion designer Donna Karan, it is mainly for women and has been made into a gold and diamond glass bottle which users don’t only get the sweet-scented perfume but also feel a golden glass bottle

3. Opera Prima by Bulgari-$250,000

An idea orchestrated by the German perfume maker Daniela Andrier for the Bulgari brand, beyond it being it having an irresistible scent, it also in a diamond-decorated bottle. It can be found in some European shops where it is rumored to be having many buyers.

4. No. 1 Majesté impériale by Clive Christian Perfume-$215,000

Despite being in the system for more than a decade, it still makes it to the list as one of the world’s most expensive perfume brands. Beyond its long-lasting scent on the body, it’s the favorite of superstars Drake and Kathie Holmes.

5. Parfum VI by Gianni Vive Sulman: $89,000

A perfume that had the endorsement of the late pop star Michael Jackson and retired boxer Mike Tyson as it was their favorite they used when stepping out. Just like the rest it appears in a gold and diamond bottle with it case specially made for it.

6. Paco Rabanne LUXE edition –$57,000

When we say a man is very conscious about his looks it is not only restricted to his dressing but how good he smells. Paco Rabanne LUXE edition is one perfume that boosts the confidence of men when they step out. Made in a gold-crafted cage-like box, its smells nice and its box is worth the price.

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7. Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes by Baccarat: $6,800

Designed like an Egyptian pyramid, It contains a sweet-scented oil-filled perfume that gives users a long-lasting good smell on their bodies even after engaging in tedious activities.

8. Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition- $4,800

Created by the Bentley automobile in partnership with Lalique, with wood been one of its key ingredients. Its design is eye catchy in a wardrobe-like case that gives it great value for money. Beyond its huge price tag, it also serves as a flex when walking around with it.

9. Chanel Grand Extrait No.5-$3,500

Every perfume lover has certainly heard of the chanel brand before due to it being in the system for quite a long time. It is one of the perfumes used by many sportsmen and Hollywood stars with chanel no.5 topping the charts as one of the highest selling. It doesn’t come as a surprise people still love it despite it being expensive.

10. Hermes 24 Faubourg $1,500

In a see-through orange-colored bottle, it’s a mixture of several rich ingredients that gives the perfume a strong good smell. Users experience long hours of smell on their dresses. It is the lowest on the 10 most expensive perfumes.

who is the founder of Shumukh perfume company?

He is Mr. Asghar Adam Ali a Saudi based perfume businessman and his perfume currently is the first on the 10 most expensive perfumes.

which celebrities endorsed parfum vi by gianni vive sulman?

The late pop-star Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson were huge fans reason why it made it the 10 most expensive perfumes.

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