10 Most Expensive Home Appliances


Home appliances can be described as types of equipment used in our home to make our daily house chores easier and faster. They mostly function well with electricity and take the form of fridges, electric gas, and air condition. Due to the huge role, they play in our lives, we can’t forgo their importance despite the huge costs it comes with maintaining them and also the electricity power they consume.

Currently, the home appliance market is ruled by top brands such as Hisense, Sony, and Philips who are well-noted for giving customers well-equipped appliances. In our compilation today, we shall take you through a list of the top 10 most expensive home appliances.

1.Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator

Prized for its roomy capacity, cutting-edge cooling system, and elegant appearance, the sub-zero pro fridge has a glass feature making it resemble a wardrobe. Another factor that makes it worth the amount is the its durability, due to it being manufactured with quality equipment, it has the energy to last for more than a decade. It costs between $15,970-20,390 to get one

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2.La Cornue Grand Palais 180 Range

A high-end, handcrafted range with exceptional cooking capabilities, la cornue is best for a large family or a huge restaurant due to the many different roles it can perform. Who doesn’t love to use an oven with air conditioning installed which cools it after it has consumed enough heat. Despite it being a French product, it is currently the most used in the USA by many large restaurants. It costs between $8,475 to $56,000 to get one brought over to your home.

3.Gaggenau 400 Series Oven

A well-equipped oven that has the capability of performing several duties for a large restaurant and family. If you are into the food business you should probably think of getting yourself one due to you enjoying interruptible hours of heating. Users also don’t experience food odor due to the filters that clear food scent after use. Due to the innovative and advanced technology included in it, it cost between $9,899-11,999 to get one.

4.Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range

Looking for an oven that can perform amazing steaming and also cooking duties? Then trust me when I tell you thermador pro grand is your last resort due to it also having seven cooking options that helps you choose between your choice. It gives you very healthy food after use and costs $19,999-5,499 to get one delivered to your home.

5.Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving System

A refrigerator-like machine that keeps your wine chilled on a sunny day and also preserves for more than a day. With one fixed in your house, you don’t have to go through the daily hustle of walking a long distance to the fridge to grab a bottle of wine. It also has a feature that pours the wine when controlled. It costs around $ 1000-1500 to get one

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6.Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew

Will you splash $ 72,000 on a small bottle opener? Well, this is not your regular bottle opener dashed for free on occasions due to it being made from titanium. The Sveid company is of the view that wine and bottle opening shouldn’t be a headache for it lovers, so therefore with this tool in hand you can open it within seconds.

7.Jennair Rise Built-in Refrigerator

This is a high-end refrigerator that has sophisticated food preservation technologies and Wi-Fi connectivity. It costs $1,999 for reason due to giving individuals a 24-hour food preservation assurance and also consuming less electricity power.

8.Bosch Benchmark Series Dishwasher

A luxury dishwasher with quiet operation and advanced cleaning technology is fit for people who are too lazy to do the dishes with their hands. It can wash both your plastic and stainless dishes and even dry them afterwards in a very noiseless manner. If you want to reduce the stress of always having to stand in the cold weather to wash your dishes then better get your $ 1,599 to get one.

9.La Cornue Rotisserie

Where are my barbecue lovers? Looking for a meat grilling machine that would give you finger licking experience after using it? Then why don’t use La Cornue Rotisserie which costs $ 16,400 and can grill any kind of meat put in it. It is also durable due to the high-quality iron and steel used in its crafting.

10.Blendtec Stealth Blender

Blendtec is a one-a-million blender due to it being able to give you complete and well-deserved blended products after being used. It has one of the strongest motors that makes it work for longer hours without breaking down and has been hailed as one of the world’s best blenders. If you got a spare $ 2,495 lying somewhere then you are assured of getting one.

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what is the world’s best blender?

Currently Blendtec tops the list as the best due to the six different blending features it has.

how much does the bosch benchmark series dish washer cost?

It costs $ 1,599 to get one.