10 Most Expensive Bicycles


10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the world will be our topic of discussion today. Bicycles just like car and motorbikes falls into the category of transport machines that human being use to move from one destination to another. The only exceptional thing about it is it has to be powered by manpower before it moves either than that it can never move.

Over the years it has been included in annual games such as Olympic cycling and also The Tour de France. In these games, we see the display of different types of bicycles which we don’t know the price. In our article on showbiztom today, we shall look at the 10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the world. Who knows if your account balance can afford you one.

Spyker Aeroblade

A mastermind of two of the world’s best manufacturers Koga Miyata and Spyker who came together to provide cycle lovers with a very good Bicycle that would aid in their movement on the road. These two brands have always been known for producing quality products included amazing features such as A titanium frame with two carbon fiber wheels and a back hub having 14 internal gears.

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The interesting to note was that only 50 of these bicycles were made for the market, whether they are still some in stock for sale can be checked on their website. It goes for a cool $12,500.

Trek Butterfly Madone

The top 10 most expensive bicycle list can never be made without including the Trek Butterfly Mandone which is one of the most expensive ever cycles to be sold during its auctioning. It was a bike used by American cyclist Lance Armstrong during the 2009 Tour de France and later sold for $ 500,000 during its auction. It tops the list of 10 most expensive bicycles in the world.

Funds generated from its sale were diverted to the Lance Armstrong Foundation a foundation bent on finding a cure for cancer. However, it was criticized by the Ethical Treatment of Animals who tagged it as “horrific barbarity.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept

Another product from the Trek company also made it to the auction table during the sale of Mandone. This was sold for $200,000 and was popular to have been ridden by Lance Armstrong during cycling tournaments. Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara who is known for making animated paintings was the one who designed them.

Kaws – Trek Madone

The Kaws bicycle which is also a product of the Trek bicycle was also affiliated with Lance Armstrong due to his strong impact in the game of cycling. Its frame and wheel rims were made with signature “chomper” teeth and was sold at $160,000 during its auction

Golden Brompton Folding Bike

Specially designed in a color, it has been in the system for over two decades and remains the people’s favorite due to being able to travel around with it with ease. It can be folded in a very small form and put inside a bag in case of traveling and priced at $ 7,500. It is the cheapest on the 10 most expensive bicycles list.

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Beru Factor 001

An electrically made bicycle with many electronic features that the rich use to exercise in their free time. Beru is not your normal road bicycle due to its strong technology and electronic car-like features which makes its operation easier by just pressing a button. It goes for a whopping $ 30,000

Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Despite sinking into oblivion, Aurumania Gold Bike enjoyed its season from 2008 to 2012 and was tagged as part of the top most expensive bicycles in the world. It was designed with pure gold and sold at $114,000 with only 10 types manufactured for sale. Its unveiling in Denmark was a sight to befall with an anonymous calling in to buy one.

KGS Custom Bikes

Its headquarters is located in Texas and headed by Kevin Saunders who is on a mission of giving cycle lovers a technology like a bicycle that eases their stress on the road. Four of them were purchased after their unveiling by an unknown person who said they would be using them for exercise purposes. It was sold for $27,000

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

A product manufactured by Chrome Heart and bicycle company Cervelo who gave it mind-blowing artwork and also fixed in motorcycling features. Even if you aren’t a bicycle fan its design alone will catch your attention to splash your cash on it. It sells for $ 60,000

Montante Luxury Gold Collection

A bicycle specially designed for females with a strong interest in cycling or who want to burn off some fat, and has been designed in full gold. If you have a spare $46,000 then you can splash it on this for your loved one. Its features make it safer who the ladies without experiencing any complications.

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What is the most expensive bicycle to be sold?

The Trek Butterfly Mandone which driven by Lance Armstrong was sold for $ 500,000 during it auction and also tops the list of 10 most expensive bicycles.

what is the most Expensive female bicycle?

The Montante Luxury Gold collection which sells for $46,000


In case you looking to buy a bicycle you can pass by this article 10 most expensive bicycles on Showbiztom to pick your choice. Hope this article gave you an adequate information about what you were searching for.