Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes


Dressing without footwear is deemed improper dressing as it is very rare to see people walking barefoot to programs. The only people fond of walking barefooted are the Buddhists who believe it is a way of keeping up with life’s reality. With shoes we have it grouped in categories thus the ones worn to programs, play games, and also the ones for working.

Today we shall focus our attention on the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world, try to stick around and read who knows someday you might be able to afford one.

1. Giuseppe Zanotti’s RNBW and Michael Jackson-$15000

A shoe specially made to honor the legacy of the late pop star Michael Jackson during his 60th birthday. Founder Giuseppe Zanotti who has always been a fan of the singer’s son did that shoe with the motive of donating the proceeds to charity.

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2. Berluti Cursive Galet Alligator Leather Loafers – $11,800

Made by the Berluti shoe brand, it is not only expensive but also gives your feet a smooth feeling when worn with it being made out of quality alligator skin. Splashing your $11,800 to purchase it isn’t a waste at all

3. Tom Ford Edgar Alligator Hand-Polished Zip Boot – $14,450

The tom ford brand keeps advancing as the years go and seems not bothered even by the competition from other brands. Their ford edgar alligator is what we call a real product specially made as it alligator part can make it last longer.

4. Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots in Ostrich – $4,000

Made from ostrich leather which is believed to be another very good leather which when used for shoes gives it a strong and long-lasting feature. It can also survive weather conditions without wearing off.

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Single Monk-Strap Shoe – $3,000

No one beats the Italians when it comes to fashion and yes that is what we see here. A shoe made by the Salvatore Ferragamo owned by the Ferragamo family who for centuries have been dominating the fashion business. Rocking the single monk strap shoe with a suit would make you look very sharp and handsome

6. Prada Crocodile Leather Sneakers – $2,900

Due to its large size, it would be more suitable to be worn by people who work in institutions where they have to always protect their feet from heavy objects like the construction and mining industry. It can also be worn during the cold season to keep you warmth

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7. Gucci Princetown Crocodile Slipper with Double G – $2,650

A half-shoe made from crocodile skin with fur used to decorate it. It can be found on the shelves of any Gucci shop, as you will enjoy great feet feeling when worn. Regardless of it being a half shoe, it deserves to be in the top 10 most expensive shoes due to its price and design.

8. Amadeo Testoni Antiqued Leather Oxfords – $1,755

Do you work in the corporate world and want to always appear presentable before your panels during meetings? Then Amadeo Testoni Antiqued Leather Oxfords is the best to go after as it has been made with the correct leather material and also can withstand water without peeling off. Well you know the Italians don’t disappoint when it comes to making shoes. It is the cheapest on the top 10 most expensive shoes.

9. jada dubai x passion diamond-$17 million

You know designers from UAE never disappoint when it comes to giving the world one of the finest things which are of real value. The unbeatable on the list of top 10 most expensive shoes in the world, was a mastermind of Jada Dubai in collaboration with Passion Jewelers.

The gold-plated female shoe took the designer several months to be fully done and was unveiled at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. It is yet to get a buyer.

10. Nike waffle shoe-$475,000

You know a top 10 most expensive shoe list without the evergreen Nike inclusive would be incomplete and also unfair to our readers. Nike waffle shoe made headlines during its auction as one of the world’s most expensive sneakers. It takes the second position on the top 10 most expensive shoes.

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Despite it being outmoded as it was made as far back as 1972, people still fancied it, It therefore caught the eye of Canadian businessman Miles Nadal who bought it in addition to its other sets for a whooping sum of $1,287,500.

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Who designed the jada dubai x passion diamond shoe?

It was designed by British designer Debbie Wingham.

which year was the nike waffle shoe made?

It was made in 1972.