Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles


Motorcycles are deemed one of the fastest means of transportation which helps you even swerve through heavy traffic when you are in a hurry. In the rural part of the USA motor riders usually like to move around more in their motorbikes than in the city. And also in a very populated country like India the majority like to move around in motor and is said to be one of the most lucrative businesses there. Among all these exposure motorbikes come in different types as some can be only afforded by the rich and also some can be purchased by the normal person.

In our article today, we shall look top 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world. You can use this article as a reference in case you come across someone looking to buy a motorcycle.

1. Vyrus Alyen 988 – $193,000

It makes it to the the top 10 most expensive motorcycles list, don’t get freaked out by the name as it is very safe you aren’t going to catch a virus if you ride it. It has a Ducati Desmodromic L-twin motor which is more or less the heart of the motorcycle and without it can never operate. Its body parts have been made with high-class motor equipment which can stand any weather condition.

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2. Arch 1s-$ 128,000

You have probably sighted it at racing games but have no idea it makes the list as one of the top 10 most expensive motorcycles. It is owned by Matrix star Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger who have been managing it for more than a decade. If you are a die-hard fan of Keanu Reeves you would realize he got mad love for motorcycles and has even had a near-death accident with one before. It is really good for a long journey only if your pocket can afford it.

3. Indian Challenger RR – $92,229

A motorcycle with a very strong engine that barely breaks down, its engine sports a 112 ci big bore kit with CNC ported heads, plus upgraded camshafts and adjustable rocker arms from S&S Cycle. It was made to honor the King of burger racer Tyler O’Hara who was known for his unique racing skills and also emerging winner of the racing competition. Such a record-breaking product shouldn’t be exempted when we rank top most expensive.

4. Bimota TESI H2-$75,700

A mastermind of the Italian automobile company which has been made from lightweight machined aluminum billet and carbon fiber together with a top-class electronics suite. It is well known in the racing game and has been used by motor riders to win several big games due to its high speed on the road.

5. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter-$ 11million

Crafted in a monster-like structure that can probably scare the life out of a young toddler, it can cover a speed of 300 km/h on the road and has a very strong engine to keep it alive. Coming in limited quantities due to the quality of carbon fiber and titanium in body components used to make it, it makes it the number of the top 10 most expensive motorcycles. It was sold off for a whopping $ 11 million during its auction.

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Some FAQs

what is the most expensive motorcycle in the world?

The Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter costing $ 11 million and also tops the list on top 10 most expensive motorcycles

who bought Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter during it auction?

The buyer’s name was never made known to the public.