Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels


It is good to once in a blue moon give your family and loved ones a special treat across the globe after a hard day’s work. After hustling hard throughout the year nothing is more fulfilling than going on a long vacation and relaxing in one of the world’s most expensive hotels.

You know hotels are normally grouped in class we have the 3-star ones and the five-star ones which are very common in Dubai and USA. One needs to have a very deep pocket to even afford a night’s sleep there as it doesn’t come cheap. Today we shall walk you through the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the world.

1. Lover’s Deep Submarine-$292,000

Will you be having butterflies in your tummy if a sum of $292,000 is paid for you to spend the night in a submarine hotel? Well you know the Caribbean countries don’t disappoint when it comes to tourism, lover’s Deep is located in St. Lucia inside the Caribbean country. Touted as one of the most expensive hotels to pass the night, its interior design alone is breathtaking coupled with well-equipped furniture products. Spending such a huge amount of money there would be worth it.

2. President Wilson Hotel-$80,000

Located in Geneva a city in Switzerland, it is a five-star hotel that in the past and present has housed many influential figures from politicians and businessmen. It is a real heaven-like structure where whatever it takes to make your stay a memorable one is in it from their fully equipped gym center, pool, and also park for playing games.

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Visitors get a King like treatment from the staff and are put under strong 24-hour security surveillance. It makes it to the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels.

3. The Mark-$75,000

Located in the heart of New York every traveler would attest to the fact that no state beats them when it comes to very costive luxury and housing products. It has over 150 rooms which are big enough to contain a person’s traveling bags with their top chefs who would blow your mind with their sumptuous meals. It is a great stop-over place for anyone planning of going to New York a real decision of money well spent.

4. Burj Khalifa Hotel$28,000

We can’t make a list of the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world and bypass the great Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai. It has been used by many top stars to shoot movies, music videos and is also a one-stop place for tourists who usually go to Dubai to chill. Its interior design has been made of pure gold resembling the room of an Arabian billionaire.

Visitors enjoy the serene environment fully secured with a driver who drives them in a porch cars in case they come to spend the night. Such a popular edifice deserves to be on the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels list.

5. The Royal Mansour-$43,480

It seems African countries are also tightening up their seat belts when it comes to offering the world very good hospitality. Royal Mansour located inside Morrocco wasn’t left out of the race, topping the list as one of the best places to pass the night in Africa. Built by Moroccon ruler Mohammed VI with the aim of giving tourists who continually trop in the country an A1 hospitality feeling. The facility has over 50 rooms with an indoor pool coupled with a restaurant that serves you rich Moroccan dishes.

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6. Hilltop Villa-$61,142

Want to spend the night in a hotel surrounded by many ornamental plants and plantations? Do you dream of being served specially by your chef and also a personal driver? Then why don’t you spend the night at the Hilltop villa which is a few hours away from Australia. Relaxed on your sofa one gets a clear view of the serene environment surrounded by many plantations and ornamental plants. Over the years it has served as a relaxation spot for prominent figures like media guru and billionaire Oprah Winfrey.

7. Four Seasons new york hotel-$50,000

If there is a state in the USA that can beat New York when it comes to very expensive hotels then I would like to know. Four seasons beyond topping the list as one of the best and most expensive hotels in New York also makes it to the list of the top 10 most expensive hotels.With over 300 rooms big enough to accommodate an entourage, the hotel owned by Ty Warner has been carefully decorated with expensive materials that even makes it worth the price tag. It also has a library for book lovers who want to ease boredom and also a 24/7 strong Wi-Fi connection.

8. The muraka-$40,000

Do you have the courage of spending the night in the underwater hotel in the Maldives? Then try the Mouraka which is currently the world’s first-ever hotel to be made underwater. Since it is on water, transportation to and fro is mainly done with a speedboat, and has security personnel around just in case someone drowns in the water. Don’t think because it is on the water it doesn’t have luxury it has 10 fully furnished rooms alongside gym centers for keeping fit.

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9. Hôtel Martinez-$53,000

A five-star hotel that has been in existence for over a century in Cannes still hasn’t lost its touch and affords customers very good hospitality and security. Hotel Martinez is a good place for a family with kids as they have a large playground where kids can have fun and also a private beach for people. You also get the chance to enjoy some delicious French dishes.

10. The Palms Empathy Suite –$100,000

Want to have a clear view of the beautiful Las Vegas city as you sip on your champagne? Then why don’t you try Empathy Suite which not only gives you a royal reception but also affords you the luxury to keep your soul at peace. The artwork and interior design are just breathtaking as everything has been designed with glass even on the poolside.

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What is the most expensive hotel in the world?

The most expensive hotel is Lover’s deep hotel located in St. Lucia that charges $292,000 per night and also takes the number one position on the Top 10 most expensive hotels.

Which of the hotels is mostly used for movie and music video shoots?

The Burj Khalifa hotel every regular visitor in Dubai has certainly been there before.


In case you planning on a grand school reunion party with old mates or a family get-together and want a five-star hotel with a serene environment, you can always visit showbiz to choose your choice. Price per night and their facilities have been included in the write-up to make things a bit easier.