Top 10 Most Expensive Gaming Chairs


The gaming industry has advanced since it came into the entertainment scene over two decades ago. Gaming brands such as Xbox and Playstation which won people’s hearts with soccer and adventure enjoyed their tenure till the emergence of virtual reality games. With the advancement in technology, people in different countries can play video games together. To make them feel at ease during their playing time, they must have chairs that make them feel comfortable to operate.

Just like the education and corporate world have the chairs they use, the gaming industry also have the chairs that make them comfortable after hours of sitting. In our article today, we shall look at the top 10 most expensive gaming chairs which cost more than $500.You must be doing a six-figure job to afford or probably have a million dollars inheritance.

Emperor 200

Shaped like a scorpion, the magnificent gaming chair was made by Modern Work Environment Lab which is globally known for making breathtaking technology and gaming products. Priced at $44,750, it came into the scene in 2012 and has a lot of mind-blowing features that make it worth its heavy price.

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Since the manufacturers are concerned about the well-being of their users, they have included some mind-blowing features such as a filtration system that purifies your lungs. Its screen is a mind-blowing one that offers games clear view of the game with a lighting system that gives vitamin D.

Acer Predator Thronus

Launched in 2019, the Predator machine chairs has been fully equipped with strong machines and engine that makes its operation more faster and effective. Acer Predator has desktops with good picture quality and also a massager fixed in the chair to massage you when you feel tired. It costs $14,000 to get one.

DOF Reality P6 Professional Motion Simulator

Resembling a baby car seater, the $ 8,500 game seat may not look attractive like that but it is best used to play racing games. With springs inserted into the legs, gamers enjoy some swinging whiles playing and also have some car-like features like wheels and a joystick. You need to use this one to play your side for a speed game.

IW-J20 Pro Gatling Gun

Designed like a soldier armor car, it has a set of monitors fixed in the front with a keyboard and mouse that would be used to control the game. Due to its armor-like design, it fits perfectly when used to play adventure games and makes the gamer experience a war like adventure. It costs $7,999 to stock one in your room.

Atomic A3 Race/Flight Motion Simulator

To enjoy complete comfort and less distraction, the Atomic A3 Race/Flight Motion Simulator chair is your one-stop game chair to choose from. It is one of the few gaming machines which isn’t complicated and works with many gaming software. You get a real-life experience when playing racing games with it, at least your $7,700 was well spent.

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Emperor XT Fire Engine Glossy Red

Another product from the manufacturing company Modern Work Environment Lab lab, it appears in red with monitors that can be positioned in any preferred direction of yours. Its interior features afford gamers the peace of mind to enjoy longer hours of playing with well-fixed control panels. It is a real value for money splashing $6,740 to get one.

Yaw2 ARCADE Edition

Arent impressed already with how the Yaw2 gaming chair has been designed? Without a second look, one would mistaken it for a dentist chair which makes the gamer relax in a lazy mode to enjoy the game. Another fascinating thing about it is the high-class sensors fixed in the chairs that alert the system when someone sits and is operating the game. If you are a lazy type then this type of game fits you completely and costs only $3,999 to get one.

Roto VR Chair

A gaming machine that helps you experience a clear virtual reality feeling when using alongside its headset. It also has some amazing interactional features like spinning and vibrating should you lose a match. With the headsets on, gamers get the opportunity to have a clear view of the game. Its complete set costs $ 2,399

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

A collaboration of two of the world’s most popular brands Logitech widely known for manufacturing quality computer and gaming peripherals with Herman Miller one of America’s oldest furniture companies. The chair has an excellent positioning feature which prevents individuals from developing bone-related issues in the future.

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Despite being a gaming chair, it gives the gamer an office like positioning when set up with quality materials which lasts longer. You need to have a spare $1,795 to catch their attention.

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series

It is rumoured to be a very hot cake in the gaming industry with many game lovers having one in their rooms. Studies show they love it due to the simplicity and also the manufacturers being health conscious of their users. It has a high-density foam fixed in it that prevents the backbone and kneck from complications in the future. It costs around $ 800 making it cheaper for even low salaried workers to get one.

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what is the most expensive gaming chair?

The emperor 200 which costs $44,750 is number on the top 10 most expensive gaming chairs list

what is the lowest chair on the top 10 most expensive gaming chairs list?

The secretlab titan 2020 series is the lowest on the top 10 most expensive gaming chairs list priced around $ 800.


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