Top 10 most expensive watches


If there is a jewelry product people love to flex with on a regular then time telling watch makes the list as one. Every person regardless of their financial well-being after dressing up prefers to have a time-telling watch on their wrist. But these watches come in rank as we have the cheap ones and the very expensive ones that cost millions.

Any sports or Hollywood fan would notice how their favorites usually rock expensive Patek, Rolex, and Graff diamonds when stepping out. Today we shall take you through a list of the top 10 most expensive watches in the world. You may not be financially buoyant at the moment to afford it but who knows someday you can.

1. Patek Philippe Worldtimer Guilloché:$5.5 million

Unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland after its been manufactured, it is one of the four only watches to be made by the company with only two being introduced in the market.

Made of gold with two dual crown systems for controlling certain features of the watch. Users don’t only get an expensive watch on their wrist but also have gleaming jewelry on them. It is the cheapest on the top 10 most expensive watches.

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2. Patek Philippe Platinum Worldtimer :$5.8 million

Another product made by the Patek company and also unveiled in Geneva it gained huge notoriety as the world’s most highly-priced watch due to its mind-blowing features and eye catchy outlook.

3. Patek Philippe Yellow gold caliber 89:$6million

Have you heard of the watch which couldn’t sell after being introduced into the market scene? Then it’s the Patek Philippe Yellow gold caliber which is known to be too cumbersome among all the Patek products.

Appearing in a gold-plated color, it has failed to get a buyer after its auction probably due to its exorbitant price tag and also having cumbersome features. On a regular, it gets admirers who pass by to catch a glimpse of it, who knows someday it will get off its shelves.

4. Rolex Daytona unicorn ref:$5.9 million

Made from white gold, it’s the second most expensive Rolex watch after Paul Newman Daytona which costs $17.75 million making it the world’s most expensive Rolex.

Despite it being in existence for more than four decades, Rolex Daytona’s white gold outlook and gold features seem to have won the masses heart.

5. Patek Philippe titanium:$6.6 million

Many expensive watches are not worth their price tag as users don’t even get to enjoy the amazing features they ought to, but with titanium, users have access to an up-to-date calendar and self-rotating minute repeater.

Another amazing thing about this watch is the first buyer was taken on a day trip to all Patek shops.

6. Patek Philippe Gold Chronograph:$6.8 million

We sometimes question the rich when we see them splash millions on luxury products, but little do we forget the value they get out of this products is it can be even resold when they become financially handicapped.

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Made from pure gold with a leather supporting it, it has a chronograph that has moon and date phases.

7. Graff diamond hallucination:$55 million

Probably the world’s most expensive wrist watch which took the manufacturers and designers longer hours to complete, billionaire and jewelry lover Laurence Graff was the mastermind behind it.

A watch specially fit for Kings it was made of full diamond which its sparkle can even blur your vision.

8. Graff diamond the fascination:$40 million

The name even confirms everything as every feature about it is fascinating, from it being able to be converted into a ring and bracelet. Its outlook was crafted with a 152.96 carats white diamond with an additional 38.13-carat in the heart of it. It is the second expensive on the top 10 most expensive watches.

9. Patek Philippe Grandmaster chime:$31 million

It made headlines as one of the most expensive Patek products to be sold and came into existence during the 175th anniversary of Patek.

Manufacturers made sure they instilled mind-blowing features that beat the recent ones which there are an alarm and also two dials. With the dials one fixed at the back and one at the front, so even in case one messes up you can use the other.

10. Breguet Grande complication marie antoinette:$30 million

Currently, in the museum serving as a tourist attraction, it was a gift given to Queen Marie Antoinette by one of his admirers. It took several years for the manufacturers to get the complete product and ended up in the possession of several buyers.

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It was later stolen and found and is currently waiting for another buyer.

where is the Breguet Grande complication marie antoinette watch?

It is currently in the museum serving as a tourist attraction to people.

what is the world most expensive watch now?

Graff diamond hallucination is currently the most expensive watch selling at a price of $ 55million. It makes the first of the top 10 most expensive watches.


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