Top 10 most expensive books


Books are writing documents where important information is inputted and kept for future reference. Over the years, we have seen authors launch books about their life history which sold millions of dollars to the amazement of people.

Well someone will ask why splashing millions on a mere book, the answer is the book contains valuable information that can transform one’s life. In the library and museums, we have very expensive books written by the world’s greatest philosophers and always get people coming around to have a look.

Today showbiztom through our deep research will take you through a compiled list of the top 10 most expensive books.

1.The Codex Leicester

The Codex Leicester, acquired by Thomas Coke in 1719, is a 72-page notebook by Leonardo da Vinci, showcasing his observational skills and natural phenomena analysis. Originally purchased by Bill Gates in 1994 at a sum of $30.8 million, it showcases his scientific curiosity. A book of such a huge price deserves to be on Top 10 most expensive books list.

2.Bay Psalm Book

The Bay Psalm Book, printed in 1640 in Massachusetts Bay Colony, is a significant American historical and literary work, that influenced Puritans’ religious practices. With only eleven copies, it is an important relic of early American printing, religious history, and literature. It was purchased by billionaire David Rubenstein at a sum of $ 14.2 million during its auction in 2013.

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3.The Birds of America by John James Audubon

“The Birds of America” is an 1827-1838 book by American ornithologist John James Audubon, featuring life-sized illustrations of North American bird species, capturing their characteristics and behaviors with precision. It was sold for $ 9.6 million during its auction in New York by an unnamed person and also took the third spot on the Top 10 most expensive books.

4.First Book of Urizen by William Blake

William Blake’s 1794 poem, “First Book of Urizen,” explores creation, religion, and the human condition, featuring Urizen as a god-like character. The visionary style blends poetry and visual art for complex ideas with only eight copies currently available. It costs $ 2.5 million to purchase

5.The Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible, a 15th-century Western literature book, was printed in Mainz, Germany, between 1452 and 1455. It revolutionized information dissemination and contains two volumes, with around 49 copies still in existence after 131 copies were sold. The bible was sold for $ 2 million during its auction in 1978 but is currently valued at $ 35 million.

6.The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

“The Canterbury Tales” is a Middle English literary work featuring 24 verse stories on a pilgrimage to Thomas Becket’s shrine, exploring themes like love, morality, power, religion, and social order.” The Canterbury Tales” is a Middle English literary work featuring 24 verse stories on a pilgrimage to Thomas Becket’s shrine, exploring themes like love, morality, power, religion, and social order. It was for $7.5 million to the billionaire Sir Paul Getty during its auction in London.

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7.The St. Cuthbert Gospel

The St. Cuthbert Gospel, an 8th-century European manuscript, holds cultural, religious, and historical significance as it represents Vulgate Bible’s artistic and bookmaking practices. Acquired in 2012, it is housed at the British Library in London who bought if for for 9 million pounds.

8.The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling

“The Tales of Beedle the Bard” is a 2008 collection of Harry Potter fairy tales and folklore, featuring five stories with magical themes and moral lessons. It includes commentary by Albus Dumbledore, symbolism, and supports Lumos charity for disadvantaged children. Amazon bought it for $ 3 million during its auction.

9.First Folio of Shakespeare

The First Folio, also known as the “First Folio of Shakespeare,” is the first published collection of William Shakespeare’s plays, including 36 plays. Compilated from various sources, it is considered the most authoritative source for Shakespeare’s works. With only 750 copies printed, surviving copies are rare and highly sought after. It was bought by Stephan Loewentheil for $ 9.9 million during its auction in New York due he been a big fan of Shakespeare.

10.Rothschild Prayer Book

The Rothschild Prayer Book, also known as the Rothschild Hours, is a 16th-century medieval illuminated manuscript in private ownership. Created in Ghent, it features 254 miniatures and lavish illuminations, depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary, and saints. It was bought by Australian Kerry Stokes for $ 15.5 million who have currently loaned it to Australian Library.

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what is the The Codex Leicester book?

It was bought by Bill Gates in 1994 at an amount $ 30.8 and is number on the top 10 most expensive books list.

where is the Rothschild Prayer Book?

It is with the Australian Library after it was loaned to them by billionaire Kerry Stokes.