Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted Items


The world’s most expensive items are sought-after and hard to come by, often only available to the wealthy. Spending outrageous amounts on these items may seem absurd, but the ultra-wealthy desire to acquire exclusive collections for display. These items are considered extremely expensive and impossible for the average person to purchase. In our article today, we shall look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted Items.

1.Badminton Cabinet

The Badminton Cabinet, an 18th-century masterpiece, is a magnificent and valuable piece of furniture commissioned by Henry Somerset, the third Duke of Beaufort. Made in Florence, Italy, between 1720 and 1732, it features intricate marquetry and carving, depicting mythological scenes, allegorical figures, and ornamental motifs.

The cabinet was sold at auction for $16.6 million in 1990, making it the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold. Today, it is admired for its intricate details, exceptional materials, and historical significance, inspiring awe and fascination among art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. It was later sold for $ 36.7 million in London to a Museum which makes it the most expensive on The Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted items list.

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2.Fabergé Eggs

The Fabergé Eggs are a series of jeweled and enameled eggs created by the House of Fabergé, a renowned Russian jewelry firm, between 1885 and 1917. Designed by Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé, they were crafted from gold and featured intricate designs. Despite being highly coveted, many Fabergé Eggs were dispersed and lost during the Russian Revolution.

Today, they remain iconic examples of jewelry-making and continue to captivate enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. It is valued between $25 million-33 million.

3.Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, a 45.52 carat deep blue gemstone with a strong phosphorescent glow, is believed to have originated in India from the Kollur Mine. It was sold to French merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in the 17th century and later renamed Hope Diamond. Despite no scientific evidence supporting its supposed curse, the diamond remains a symbol of beauty, mystery, and glamour. It is valued at $ 250 million.

4.Garçon à la Pipe

“Garçon à la Pipe” is a famous painting by Pablo Picasso, depicting a young Parisian boy holding a pipe. Created in 1905 during Picasso’s Rose Period, it showcases Picasso’s transition from Blue to Rose Period, showcasing his experimentation with color, form, and subject matter. The painting sold for over $100 million in 2004, showcasing Picasso’s innovative and influential style and made it to the Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted Items.

5.The Codex Leicester

The Codex Leicester, also known as the Codex Hammer, is a 72-page collection of scientific writings and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci acquired by Thomas Coke in 1717. It covers topics like astronomy, geology, water movement, light properties, and observations on erosion, erosion, and landscape formation.

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Acquired multiple times, it offers a unique perspective on da Vinci’s brilliance and is a valuable historical and scientific document and was later sold to Microsoft founder Bill Gates at $ 30.8 million.

6.The Peacock Bowl

The Peacock Bowl, a 17th-century Mughal Empire decorative art masterpiece, features a large peacock with a fanned tail and floral motifs. It represents beauty, immortality, and spirituality in various cultures. The Peacock Bowl is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art. It costs over $ 3000 to get one and takes the position on the Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted Items.

7.The Pink Legacy Diamond

The Pink Legacy Diamond, a rare Type IIa diamond with a saturated pink color, was discovered in South Africa’s Premier Mine in November 2018 and sold at Christie’s for over $50 million. Pink diamonds are rare, accounting for less than 0.1% of all mined worldwide. Their striking color, size, and rarity make them highly coveted among collectors and connoisseurs. Jeweler Harry Winston bought it for a huge sum of $ 49.9 million and added it to his jewel collection.

8.The Marie Antoinette Pearl Pendant

The Marie Antoinette Pearl Pendant, commissioned in the late 18th century by Boehmer et Bassenge, features a large “Sancy Diamond” and a natural pearl measuring 18.19 carats. Originally owned by Marie Antoinette, it was confiscated during the French Revolution and acquired by Pierre Cartier in 1887. It sold for $ 36 million during its auction

9.The Mughal Dagger

The Mughal Dagger, dating from the 16th-19th centuries, is a renowned weapon with intricate designs and lavish materials. Its curved blade is made of high-quality steel, featuring intricate patterns, engravings, and gold or silver inlaid with precious metals. The handles are made of jade, ivory, or other precious metals with carvings and gemstone decorations. Its cost around $ 250,000.

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10.The Qing Dynasty Rhinoceros Horn Cups

During the Qing Dynasty in China, rhinoceros horn cups were highly prized luxury items with symbolic significance. These rare, skilled, and intricately carved cups held cultural and symbolic power in Chinese society. Today, they are considered historical artifacts and examples of exceptional craftsmanship. Rhino horns are rumored to be a very valuable resource in Asia and costs between $ 8000-12,000.

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which country can the Qing Dynasty rhinoceros horn cup be found?

It is in abundance in China.

how much was the Marie Antoinette Pearl Pendant sold?

It was sold for $ 36 million during it auction and makes it to The Top 10 Most Expensive Handcrafted Items list.