Top 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs


Office chairs over the years have stood out completely different from the normal chairs we use in our homes and place of worship. Probably due to it being in the corporate world, they deem it right to give managers and Ceos something that matches their level.

Unlike the plastic and lazy chairs we use in our various homes, office chairs are normally ergonomic with many technological features installed that can be even controlled with a remote. In our write-up today, we shall look at the top 10 most expensive office chairs in the world.

1.Herman Miller Aeron Chair

After more than 100 years in the furniture business, Herman Miller still makes the list as one of the world’s best furniture producers of office chairs. They are widely known for using quality nylon and polymer products that make their chair last long and also stand in any weather condition. It costs $1,410 to get one set of chairs from their shop.

2.Steelcase Gesture Chair

Priced at $ 1,371, it has a spring in it that makes people rotate 360 degrees when sitting on it. Office users enjoy a good sitting posture due to how it has been desigend so therefore protecting their spinal cord. You should tell your boss to get one fixed in your office.

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3.Knoll Regeneration Chair

Priced at $ 1139, it is not only suitable for office workers but also people who work from home due to the tire under it that allows you to move from one end to the other. It is an eco-friendly and ergonomic chair that promotes natural movement.

4.Herman Miller Embody Chair

Another one from the Herman Miller furniture company, it has been made to encourage pain-free sitting and lessen the strain on the spine. It cost $ 1,894 and has been fully endorsed by health experts as the best chair for people who sit longer hours during the day.

5.Vitra Pacific Chair

Priced at $ 1,185-3,444 it has been designed in such a way that you enjoy all the ergonomic comfort when using it in the office and also is has been positioned in such a way your backbone is safe. Sitting on it in an office gives you a sound mind and makes your mind alert to be productive.

6.Humanscale Freedom Chair

An office chair that is best suitable for highly obese and also protects every part of your body when sitting on it. The bone is protected from any form of strain due to its adjusting features and promoting productivity at workplace. It costs US$1,450 to get one.

7.Steelcase Leap Chair

Who wouldn’t love to be sitting on a chair that allows you to even rest your head during break time? It is said to be a very hot cake in the furniture market due to the many technological features that allow you to position your body parts in a preferred manner. It costs $1,997 to get one fixed in your company

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8.Okamura Contessa Chair

Okamura comes with a lot of adjustable features for all parts of the body which gives you a sound mind and comfort when using it. It also has an arm pad that supports your hand and also releases the muscles from any form of pressure. It costs around $ 1,999 to get one.

9.Haworth Zody Chair

One of the most purchased office chairs in the furniture market due to the double sitting position thus the normal sitting position and perching style. It cost $1,075 and gives you 24-hour comfort alongside protecting your back and leg bone from strain.

10.La-z-Boy Aventine Chair

Despite its large size it will shock you to know the responsibilities this chair can provide when using it in the office. Your body bone safety is fully assured with the adjustment features that allows you to sit at any preferred height of yours. It cost between $ 494-670 to get one.

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what is the commonly used office chair?

La-Z-Boy Aventine topped the list not only for it low cost but also the many features it got.

how long has herman miller been around?

It has been around for 118 years.