Mark Curry net worth: early life, career, accident& suicide attempt


Mark Curry net worth as of 2023 is estimated at around $5 million made from his three decades in the entertainment industry.

In today’s article, we shall also look at Mark Curry’s early life, career, family, accident, and suicide attempt. Grab an ice cream and sit back as you read this insightful piece.

who is mark curry?

He is a black American actor, comedian, and show host who gained huge public exposure after playing the Mr. Cooper character in the Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper series.

Mark has since then featured in at least 20 movie projects and also hosted several big events.


Full Name Marcus G. Curry
Nickname Mark Curry/ Mr. Cooper
Date of birth June 1, 1961
Age 61
Height 1.98m
Nationality American
Partner Unknown
Children Gigi and Camilla
Net worth $ 5 million

early life

Born and raised in Oakland on June 1, 1961, Mark is the last of his parent’s nine kids.

He had both his basic and high school education in California but dropped out of the California State university due to personal reasons.


Mark after dropping out of school started working at the pharmacy where he was in charge of the selling and distribution of drugs. He won many clients’ hearts due to his lively way of welcoming customers and also entertaining them with his witticism nature.

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It was after a series of motivational words on giving comedy a try that triggered him to pursue a career in it. He began performing comedy shows around his vicinity which within a short became the people’s favorite.

He caught movie producers attention and got featured in the movie Talkin’ Dirty after dark. He delivered beyond expectation and was given the lead character in the series movie Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper which he played the role of a retired basketball player turned tutor.

The seasoned movie lasted for five with 101 episodes, which was filled with a lot of educative and entertaining scenes. It became one of the most viewed television series as of the early 90s.

Mark after gaining exposure featured on several other series such as the ”Living single”, ”the drew Carey show” and action movies.

He was also billed to be the main host of several entertainment programs.

Mark embarked on a comedy tour all across the American states and some parts of Europe.


Mark encountered a near-death experience in 2007 whiles doing laundry at home, It happened when an aerosol can was mistakenly placed near the water heater.

Unfortunately, the aerosol can contained a highly inflammable substance and the heat from the heater caused it to blow up.

Mark who was closer was severally burnt and went into a three-day coma. The burns affected both his back hands and other body parts, which made him helpless and not been able to perform basic activities.

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suicide attempt

After finding himself in such a life-threatening situation, Mark contemplated ending his life had it not been for the timely intervention of his friends in the industry.

Mark revealed his friends were always there to always keep him company and entertained him to help eradicate the suicide mindset till he fully recovered.

personal life

Mark has never been married but has a serious partner with whom they have been living together for over three decades.

He is also a proud father of two girls and constantly posts them on his Instagram page. They are called Gigi and Camilla although their mother isn’t known in the public space.

mark curry net worth

Mark Curry net worth is currently estimated at $ 5 million thanks to his popular movie ”Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and also other movie projects featured in.

He makes a lot of money from his hosting gigs as he is paid thousands of dollars when called for hosting.

Mark’s comedy tour has also recorded very high ticket sales and filled arenas because of his exceptional way of cracking fans up.

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Some FAQs about Mark Curry

what is mark curry net worth?

Mark curry net worth as of 2023 is $ 5 million.

how old is mark curry?

He is 61years now and would turn 62 on June 1,2023.