Diane Thornton Zoeller: early life, family, net worth& cause of death


Diane Thornton Zoeller was one of the most supportive athletic wives who stood by his husband Fuzzy Zoeller through his career and 45 years of marriage.

In our article today, we shall look at Diane Thornton Zoeller’s early, family, net worth, and cause of death.

Who is Diane Thornton Zoeller?

Diane Thornton Zoeller was the wife of ex-baseball player Fuzzy Zoeller, she lived with Fuzzy through thick and thin even before he became a household name.

They lived together for 45 years till her demise in 2021.


Full Name Diane Thornton Zoeller
Date of birth September 25, 1952
Death December 18, 2021
Occupation Unknown
Husband Fuzzy Zoeller
Children Sunnye, Heidi, Gretchen&Miles
Grandchildren Brooklyn, Gunner, Sailor, Cruz& Brighton
Siblings Andy, Susie, Eric, Bonnie, Todd &Matt
Net worthunknown

Early life

Diane was born and bred in Indiana a state in the USA into a family of six.

Much is not known about his educational life but it’s rumored she is very educated and level-headed.


Much is not known about his career, but sources claim he played a very instrumental role in her husband’s career and rallied behind during many of his games.

She along the line meet her husband in 1975 and tied the knot in 1976.

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Meet her family

Her husband

Born Frank Urban Zoeller Jr. on November 11, 1951, in Indiana. He began playing golf right from his high school days to his University level where he won many prestigious awards.

On the professional level, he displayed his unbeatable golfing skills in many tough tournaments and won the Bob Jones award due to his excellent display on the field.

Fuzzy is also known for his trademark of waving a towel as a sign of teasing his contender during tough battles.

He has also gained huge notoriety for passing controversial comments against his opponent, with the infamous one against Golfer Tiger Woods after a game.

It was after Tiger Woods came into the scene and was dominating heavily when Fuzzy in a statement passed a racist comment about Woods. The action didn’t sit well with millions of people who criticized him for that which made him come out to apologize. The comment also made him lose his longtime endorsement deal with Kmart Group of companies as they were strongly against him belittling Woods.

Fuzzy once placed a bet of $150,000 on colleague golfer John Baly that he wouldn’t live to see his 50th birthday. John after turning 50 took to his Twitter handle to inform Fuzzy to fulfill his pledge.

Fuzzy is also an entrepreneur and has his own vodka brand Fuzzy’s vodka which is doing pretty well in the market space. It has won several awards due to its sweet taste and careful way of distilling which makes it stand out amongst other vodkas.

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He also sold his two gold courses located in Southern Indiana to Kempersport. The group before purchasing the course did strict surveying and were amazed at how big and well-kept it is. They bought it at an unclosed amount to continue the unfinished work started by Fuzzy.

He has a Twitter handle for his business with the name FuzzysVodka.

Her Children

She had four children with her husband and they are Sunnye, Heidi, Gretchen& Miles. Despite their dad’s wonderful career in golf none of them pursued a career in the games of sports.

Her daughter Gretchen made headlines in 2019 for allegedly engaging in a fraud act. She was accused of siphoning huge funds from a nursing home and the lawyer sitting on the case came out to deny it.

Diane Thornton Zoeller net worth

Diane lived a very lowkey life so therefore much wasn’t known about her working life or income.

But her husband Fuzzy Zoeller has an enormous net worth of $10 million made from his golfing career and endorsement deals.

He also makes good money from his Vodka brand Fuzzy’s vodka and reportedly made millions from the sales of his two golf courses

cause of death

Diane passed away on December 18, 2021 at the age of 69 after a long battle with rapid-stage dementia. Her death was confirmed by the family.

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Some FAQs about Diane Thornton Zoeller

who is Diane Thornton Zoeller’s Husband?

He is golfer Fuzzy Zoeller.

what was Diane Thornton Zoeller net worth?

Her net worth was never revealed to the public but his husband Fuzzy Zoeller had $10 million.

which did Diane thornton zoeller die?

She died in 2021 after long battle with rapid-stage dementia.