Dan Reeves net worth: career, family, feud with Mike Shanahan& cause of death


Dan Reeves net worth is $10 million despite his demise a year ago. He made much wealth from his active days on the field and also his coaching career.

In our write-up, we shall talk about Dan Reeves net worth alongside his career, family, feud with Mike Shanahan, and the cause of his death.

Who is Dan Reeves?

Dan is an ex-NFL player who after a successful career took to coaching and did a lot of magic on the field.

Despite no longer being alive, he has left a very rich legacy and would forever be celebrated.


Full Name Daniel Edward Reeves
Date of birth January 19, 1944
Age 77years
Death January 1, 2022
Occupation nfl coach
Nationality American
Wife Pam Reeves
Children Lee, Dana & Laura
Grandchildren Six
Nephew David Andrews
Net worth$ 10 million

Early life

Born and bred in Georgia a state in the USA, Dan was a man of many talents as he participated in every sport in high school.

Due to his strong nature and unique way of playing on the field, he caught the eye of many Universities that opted to offer him a scholarship. Dan then opted for the University of South Carolina where he was included in the school’s first team selection.

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In the school team, he put up an exceptionally splendid performance in which he helped them win many games and set several records.

After completing he had his name included in the school’s Hall of fame list due to the great impact and legacy made.


Dan signed his first professional contract with the Dallas Cowboys, over there he delivered beyond expectation helping them win several games and also qualify for competition games.

He was later crowned the Sporting News All-Pro due to his huge impact made in the season matches. His wonderful career was cut short due to a serious injury sustained, and due to that, he wasn’t able to deliver like he used to.

He then became a player-coach and finally hang up his boots to become an assistant coach. As an assistant coach, he led his team to win many tough games and qualify for many NFL cup games.

Dan the joined New York Giants but was sacked after not being able to live up to expectations.

He then joined Atlanta Falcons and helped them win the NFC cup but his tenure was cut short due to health issues. He was later on sacked and replaced.

Dan then took a few NFL staff jobs before finally branching into commentary on Westwood one radio.

Feud Mike Shanahan

Dan never saw eye to with Denver offensive coordinator Mike, since he felt Mike supported John Elway against him.

Elway and Dan had an exchange of words on the field due to Elway not complying with what Dan instructed him to do. He described Dan’s way of coaching as archaic.

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Dan in the end had to sack Mike because he suspected him of influencing John.

Meet his family

His wife and kids

Dan married his high school sweetheart Pam reeves and were blessed with three kids and six grandchildren.

His Nephew

Born David James Andrews on July 10, 1992, he began playing football at a very young representing his primary and college team. He displayed his good playing techniques which saw him pick up the best player on soo many occasions.

He signed his first professional contract with the New England Patriots which he has so far featured in many of their games.

He always cites his uncle Dan reeves as a mentor who has been very influential in his career.

Cause of death

Dan passed away on January 1, 2022, after a battle with dementia complications.

Aaron Salkin former media relations director for the Atlanta Falcons broke the news to the public.

Dan Reeves Net worth

Dan Reeves net worth sits at $10 million despite not being alive.

He was able to accumulate that amount of wealth due to his wonderful NFL career that spanned over three decades.

He owns an expensive mansion in Atlanta state where he stays with his family.

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Some FAQs about Dan reeves

what is dan reeves net worth?

Dan Reeves net worth as of 2023 is $ 10 million.

is dan reeves related to david james andrews?

Yes Dan reeves is the uncle of David James Andrews.