Alice Sebold net worth: early life, career and assault


Grace Sebold net worth as of 2023 sits at $ 5million. Named as one of the best novelists in the world, she makes royalties from her numerous books published.

In our article today, we shall look at Grace Sebold net worth alongside his early life, career, rape case, divorce, and wrongful accusation of Broadway.

Who is alice Sebold?

Grace is an award-winning novelist with over two decades in the writing job.

She gained prominence when she published her memoir lucky which spoke about her being raped as a fresher in the University.

She is a recipient of several awards with some of her storylines used in movies.


NameAlice Sebold
Date of birthSeptember 6, 1963
Age 59years
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Husband Glen David Gold(m.2001; div.2012)
Net worth $5 million

Early life

Born and raised in Philadelphia to a lecturer father and a media personality mother on September 6, 1963. Alice and her sister at one point had to act as caretakers to their mum who was always intoxicated with alcohol.

She had her basic and high school education in Pennsylvania before proceeding to New York to obtain a first degree at Syracuse University. Alice then earned another post-graduate certificate from the University of Houston before obtaining a master’s from the University of California.

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Alice just like any influential person had it tough from the start as she had to resort to doing menial jobs for survival since her writing job wasn’t gaining the needed attention.

She worked briefly as a waitress and a caretaker and also had to sleep in dilapidated houses since she wasn’t making enough.

To turn her lime into lemonades, Alice used her experience as a rape victim to write a memoir titled ”Lucky” in which she detailed how the whole rape saga started.

Alice also used the fictional character Gregory Madison as the rapist in the book and the lawsuit and detention he was put through. She also spoke about the effects on her well-being and the fear it imposed on her afterward.

The memoir after its publication in 1999, sold over a million copies as many fell in love with the witty and unique writing skills used for it.

Alice Sebold then wrote ”Lovely Bones” book which the sales director Chris Barbara hailed the book due to the excitement and not being boring. They then sent a typed version to some of the best booksellers across the world who after reading gave the book a lot of positive reviews.

The lovely bones book after its publication chalked a lot of success including emerging as the book of the month and also sold out over 10 million copies. It also took the first position as the best-selling book on the e-commerce platform Amazon with many books with many novel readers and critics hailing it due to its storyline.

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The storyline was also used to shoot a movie titled Lovely bone which was directed by Peter Jackson and had Mark Wahlberg in it.

Alice afterward wrote another book ‘The Almost Moon’ a book about a single mother of two girls whose mother’s derangement caused her to murder her.

Rape and broadway imprisonment

Alice was molested during her first year at Syracuse University when she was using a tunnel road on the school’s campus. She was ambushed at knife-point and sexually assaulted which resulted in cuts all over her face and also tore her dress.

Depressed by the act, she wrongfully accused one Anthony Broadwater whom she bumped into at an eatery citing the rapist got the same body features as him.

Not given a proper hearing, Broadwater was jailed with 25 years imprisonment but served only 16 years after proving his innocence during his stay.

He sued the New York states for $ 50 million for wrongful accusation as the situation dampened his spirit.

Alice after finding out Broadway was innocent issued an apology for putting him through such inhumane pain, Broadway on the other hand gladly forgave her.

Marriage and divorce

Alice married Novelist and screenwriter Glen David Gold but the marriage folded up after 11 years citing unreconcilable differences.

Alice Sebold net worth

Alice Sebold net worth currently sits at $ 5 million which she made from the huge sales of her memoir Lucky and book Lovely bones.

Both writings sold over a million copies all across the world as many were touched by the true life story of it. It also took the first position on amazon as one of the best-selling books in history.

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She currently lives in a $ 6 million mansion in San Francisco and owns a wide range of cars.

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Some FAQs about Alice Sebold

what is alice sebold net worth?

Alice Sebold net worth is currently $5 million.

how old is alice sebold?

She is 59years at the moment and would turn 60 on September 6,2023.

who is alice sebold husband?

She is currently single but was formerly married to Glen David Gold.