Chris tucker net worth: career, tax evasion, born again and divorce


Chris Tucker net worth as of 2023 stands at $5 million despite his tax evasion battle with the revenue service and also bad investments made in the past. Chris falls under the category of Hollywood stars who made it very big in their prime but later saw their wealth plummeting.

In our article today, we shall look at Chris Tucker net worth alongside his divorce, tax evasion battle with the revenue service, and also his born-again journey.

Keep your fingers crossed as we ride you through the journey of one of the funniest actors.

Who is Chris Tucker?

Chris is a black American actor and comedian popularly known for his role as Detective James in the rush hour movie. He has also performed as a stand-up comedian on several big stages where he entertained fans with his funny jargons.

Beyond it all he is a very religious and spiritual person who has even gone to the extent of turning several movie roles which were against his faith.


Full Name Christopher Tucker
Also known as Chris Tucker
Date of birth August 31st,1971
Age 51 years
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Stand-up comedian
Ex-wife Azja Pryor
Child Destin Christopher
Net worth$ 5million

Early life

Chris was born and raised in Atalanta under the care of parents who were middle class and also highly religious instilling the fear of God in him.

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He schooled up to the high school level and was on the notoriety as one of the funniest guys in school always entertaining people.


He started his career as a standup comedian where he entertained people in his vicinity before migrating to Los Angeles to take it to a top level. Chris made his first on-screen appearance in House Party 3 and also Friday which shot him to great stardom.

After making the name he was featured in his biggest movie project Rush Hour which he acted alongside Jackie Chan playing the role of Detective James.

A very close friend of pop star Michael Jackson, he appeared in his music video ”You rock my world” which he later surprised him on stage during a performance.

Born-again journey

Chris was born and raised in a very religious family with both parents being members of the church of God in Christ church. He had the fear of God instilled in him right from infancy but he abandoned his faith after making it into the entertainment scene.

He later gave his life to Christ in 1995, which saw him rejecting many movie roles which went against his faith. He was of the view that his craft should rather entertain and also advise people rather than influence them badly.

tax evasion battle with the Revenue service

Chris in his prime made a lot of financial errors which in the later part of his career cost him a lot. He fell in the category of stars who evaded taxes in their prime causing the revenue service to come hard at him.

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Despite once upon a time being one of the highest earning actors, Chris at one point had to pay accumulated taxes of $ 14 million and also suffered from bad investments.

Marriage and divorce

Chris Tucker in his heydays settled down with Azja Pryor a health coach and director in the mid-90s, although their marriage was short-lived they welcomed a son Destin Christopher whom they both co-parent.

Azja after the divorce went on to remarry but details about Chris’s current relationship is unknown although there were rumors of him dating singer India Arie which they both came out to deny.

Chris Tucker net worth

Chris Tucker net worth is currently $ 5 million after losing a chunk of his wealth to the international revenue service and also bad investments. He made over $ 50 million after appearing in the rush-hour movie making him one of the highest-earning actors in his prime.

He also made millions from his stand-up comedy programs and events hosting.

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Some FAQs about Chris Tucker

who is chris tucker’s current girlfriend?

Details about his current partner is unknown to the public as he is more focused on his career and also living a holy life.

what does chris tucker son do?

Destin Christopher is an aspiring filmmaker who graduated from the Morehouse college with a degree in filmmaking.

what is chris tucker net worth?

Chris is currently worth $ 5 million.