Shayne Stephens age: career, family and daughter’s career


Shayne Stephens age has become a topic many are curious in knowing about after his daughter’s social media banter with Nicki Minaj. In our article today, we shall look at Shayne Stephens age in addition to his , career, family and daughter’s dispute with Nicki Minaj.

Who is Shayne Stephens?

Shayne Stephens is the biological father of rapper and songwriter Latto who is currently one of the hottest young female talents in America.


Full Name Shayne Stephens
Date of birthN/A
Nationality African American
Occupation Businessman
Wife Misti Pitts
Children Latto, Brooklyn Nikole, Kay
Net worth N/A

Early life

Shayne was born to African American parents who worked as car racers making him also develop a strong passion for cars at a very tender. Information about his siblings and education is not known at the moment.

Shayne Stephens age

Shayne Stephens age is currently unknown but he is believed to be in his mid-40s whilst his wife Mitsi is 41 years born in 1982.


Shayne also followed in his parent’s footsteps as a car racer before finally entering the business world. Due to his strong obsession with cars, he made sure his kids learned to drive at a very young age.

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Shayne Stephens’s net worth

Shayne’s net worth is not known in the public space but he is said to be a very financially stable person who is into business. Despite his daughter Latto having a net worth of $ 2 million, he is still on the grind making his own money.

Meet his family

His wife

Shaynen has been married to Misti Pitts for over two decades and are blessed with three children. The profession Misti is into is unknown but she is rumored to be a very supportive wife who has stuck by her husband through thick and thin.

His children


Born Alyssa Mitchelle Stephens on December 22, 1998, she is Shayne’s first child who pursued a career in rapping and songwriting. She schooled up to the high school level where she survived severe racial abuse due to her complexion.

She then gained huge publicity after appearing on the talent show The rap game where she emerged as the overall winner due to her strong rapping skills. She then started with freestyles before finally dropping the Billboard-featured song ”Bitch from the Soul”.It paved way for her to work with top artists such as Gucci Mane and Cardi B who were amazed by her wordplay and rapping prowess.

She then released her second record-breaking track ”Big energy” which also made it to the Billboard surpassing several songs. Latto is a recipient of several prestigious awards like BET, Grammys, and the People’s Choice Award.

Dispute with Nicki Minaj

Latto was engaged in a hot exchange of words with her idol Nicki Minaj on Twitter after Nicki criticized her for being nominated for the Grammy award. Latto came harder on her idol resulting in a quarrel on Twitter in which they used all sorts of unprintable words towards each other.

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Social media

Latto is very popular on Twitter and uses the handle name Latto

Brooklyn Nikole

Brooklyn Nikole was born on 19 July, she is Shayne’s second born who comes directly after Latto. Unlike her sister, she works as a model and brand influencer. She has currently worked with several top modeling agencies and shot adverts for several top brands.

Despite her young age, she is a strong explorer who is normally posts pictures and videos of herself globetrotting across the world. She also has a strong bond with her big sister whom she is mostly seen accompanying her to programs.

Kay Stephens

Kay Stephenson is the youngest among the three, much is not known about what she does but she is pampered among them. Her big sisters normally post her on her birthday.

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Some FAQs about Shayne Stephenson

is shayne stephenson related to rapper latto?

Yes she is the biological father of Latto.

what does shayne stephenson do?

He is a businessman and former race driver.

what is shayne stephenson’s wife occupation?

Shayne’s wife Mitsi profession isn’t yet known.