How tall is Young Dolph? career, philanthropic deeds, cause of death, and family


How tall is Young Dolph? The question many are asking is about the deceased rapper who defied all odds to climb the ladder of success. Showbiztom per our research was able to get the exact height of Young Dolph.

In our article today, we shall talk about how tall is Young Dolph? in addition to his early life, career, philanthropic deeds, cause of death, and family. After reading you get an answer to the question How tall is Young Dolph?

Who is Young Dolph?

Young Dolph was an American rapper who grew up in Chicago and later emerged as one of the hottest rappers who always gave fans good music. His songs always made it to the charts.


Real Name Adolph Robert Thronton Jr.
Nickname Young Dolph
Date of birth July 27, 1985
Died November 17, 2021
Profession Rapper, songwriter, philanthropist
GrandmotherIda Mae
GirlfriendMia Jaye
Children Tretre, Aria Ella
Height 188cm
Nationality American
Cousin Juice WRLD, Key Glock
Net worth $ 3 million

Early life

Young Dolph was born with the name Adolph Robert Thronton Jr. on July 27, 1985, to drug-addict parents who weren’t really involved in his upbringing. He was single-handedly raised by his grandmum Ida Mae who instilled a lot of discipline in him and ensured he never joined the bad company.

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He developed an interest in rap right after coming out of high school which he started with Mixtapes and had it played on radio stations. Young Dolph through his paper route empire label did many joint mixtapes such as ”Welcome 2 Dolph World” and ”High-class street music.

He had the biggest honor of collaborating with big rappers such as Gucci Mane and 2chainz. He came up with his album King of Memphis which shot his name worldwide and also made it to the Billboard chart as one of the most streamed and searched albums.

He, later on, worked with his cousin Key Glock on a joint album Dum and Dummer which also chalked success and made it to the charts.

Philanthropic deeds

Young Dolph was largely recognized for his giving nature, the young rapper had a very soft heart when it came to assisting people financially. He once made a hefty donation of $20,000 to two coffee shop workers who were sacked for playing his song whiles on duty.

He also supported his alma mater with money to get facilities for sports and was also supportive of the Memphis community he grew up in. He always shared the little he had with the less privileged and the aged.


Young Dolph had two kids with his long-time girlfriend Mia Jaye and they were Tretre and Aria Ella, despite his busy schedules he was very much involved in their lives. At a point, he even decided to abandon music and focus on them fully.

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How tall is Young Dolph?

Do you want to know how tall Young Dolph was? Well, the Chicago-born rapper had a height of Height 188cm and stood at 6.3 feet tall.

Assassination attempt and death

Young Dolph before his untimely death suffered assassination attempts on two different occasions, his first was when unknown gunmen opened fire on his SUV car. Fortunately, the car was bulletproof so he managed to escape death.

His second time was when he was he was shot at Hollywood after engaging in a fight with a trio of gangsters who managed to overpower him and fire bullets at him. He sustained injuries and was rushed to the hospital where he managed to survive.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he was shot again on November 17, 2021. Unfortunately, this time around he couldn’t make it and gave up the ghost, after close examination, it was released he had 22 bullets fired into his body. Investigations later revealed Hernandez Govan a very notorious criminal and ex-convict was the mastermind behind all that as he hired Straight Dropp and Cornelius Smith for that. The murderers are currently undergoing trial and would be sentenced soon.

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Some FAQs about Young Dolph

who raised up young dolph?

He was raised up by his grandmother Ida Mae.

what happened to young dolph?

He was shot dead on November 17,2021.

who are young dolph’s parents?

His parents were drug addicts so he never spoke about them.