jamal Musiala Or Jude Bellingham: following the Champions League draw between Bayern Munich’s And Real Madrid, they were compared

  • Jamal Musiala and Jude Bellingham met in the Champions League semi-finals
  • On Tuesday, the two were pitted against each other as Real Madrid faced Bayern Munich in the first leg.
  • Next Wednesday, when their teams play in the second leg, they will rekindle that rivalry.

Jamal Musiala and Jude Bellingham were put on the metaphoric scale in the wake of Real Madrid’s high-stakes first-leg UEFA Champions League semifinal match against Bayern Munich.

On Tuesday, April 30, the budding football players—who are often hailed as the next generation of players after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo—came together with the goal of making a lasting impression on the grand stage.

What a UCL semifinal performance Musiala and Bellingham had!

As Musiala put on a stunning display and earned Bayern Munich a penalty kick for a critical foul, Bellingham found it difficult to establish himself for Los Blancos this time around. 

Statman Dave made it clear that, the German attacker [Jamal Musiala] completed five dribbles and won a penalty, one less than the entire Real Madrid team combined.

image credit; Statman Dave

Bellingham, on the other hand, did not perform up to par despite being Madrid’s best player all season. 

The English sensation’s poor performance was highlighted when he was replaced in the 75th minute without managing to get a shot on goal or make a crucial assist, according to Sofascore.

As the second leg approaches and both young talents get set for another match, supporters have already started to comment on how they performed in the first leg, igniting discussions on who performed better at the Allianz Arena. 

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Musiala vs Bellingham: who is better?

@_mugeez claimed:
“Musiala is far better than Bellingham.”

@Uzor96 suggested the Bayern Munich star has always been heads and shoulders above the Real Madrid star:

“Musiala has always been better.”

@AndersonMaguir4Musiala is one of the best dribblers in the world. What a player. He showed Bellingham, who is the better player today.”

@Emerald_mf suggested Bellingham is an overhyped player:
“Nothing special about him, just Madrid PR.”

@luiskatunda added:
“Bellingham is a very normal player.

Source: Sports Brief