10 Most Expensive Suits


Do want to appear very smart in executive meetings? Or you probably have a wedding to attend which you want to catch the attention of everyone? Then you have to rock one of the best suits which would make you look very sharp in appearance. Today we shall look at the 10 Most Expensive Suits in the world which are mostly worn by your favorite celebrities, athletes, and businessmen. Even if you can afford it now you can archive this article someday if you get a fat bank account then you fall on this as a reference.

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition-$778,290

A mastermind of the two most influential brands Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels who reportedly spent days to get the whole thing done, no wonder it tops the list of 10 most expensive suits. Who wouldn’t want to wear a suit decorated with over 400 carats of diamonds that would give you a royal and dashing look. The first three sets was reportedly purchased by unnamed persons who are very well-to-do, it tops the list of our 10 most expensive suits.

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2. Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke-$103,000

British-born Nigerian Designer Alexander Amosu is really on a mission of raising the bar higher in the luxury designing industry as all his works always make the news. His current addition to his numerous designs is the Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke Suit which made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive suit.

Made with correct wool and decorated with 18-carat gold and diamond, it was given driven in a very expensive car to its venue for selling. Interested buyers would get the honor of Alexander himself driving to their destination to take measurements. A record breaker deserves to be on 10 most expensive suits.

3. Dormeiul Vanquish Ii $95,319

One of the oldest suit brands that have been around for over a century and still manage to be the people’s favorite due to the quality products used to produce. Established by businessman Jules Dormeuil who believed in giving people a correct fashion sense to make them appear sharp from the outside.

4. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke-$58,252

Made by one of the British most sorts after designers William Westmancott who is on record to have designed clothes for many rich elites and also celebrities. His designs come at a very huge cost which can hardly be afforded by someone earning a meager salary. William Westmancott’s ultimate bespoke suit was specially made with well-refined material which gives one a good feeling on the body when worn.

5. Kiton K50-$50,000

You know the Italians don’t slack when it comes to giving us a breathtaking fashionable sense as they have been a hub for many world-known designers. Kiton K50 is an Italian suit brand that has been made by one of the best fashion designers in the Kiton company and is also the most expensive among all their suits.

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6. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke-$47,500

Made Desmond Merrion one of the best designers to find around the world who has rich experience in sewing quality suits. Splashing a sum of 47,500 to get one won’t be bad.

7. Brioni Vanquish Ii-$43,000

Another suit from the desk of top Italian brand Brioni who have been around for over seven decades and still giving the new school a run for its money. A combination of different quality fabrics was used to produce it and is worth its hefty price.

8. Zoot-$78,000

An old-school suit was worn by African American in the 1930s but later a law was passed banning it wearing. Those caught wearing it were beaten up to a pulp by the white policemen. Its cream-colored woolen type was sold in New York for $78,000 during its auctioning to an unknown buyer in 2011.

9. World Wool Record Challenge Cup-$22,500

A family business that was formerly managed by two Italian brothers Luigi and Sergio but have currently sold its majority stakes to Billionaire Benard Arnault. After nine decades in the fashion business, they still don’t disappoint with quality suits.

10. Zegna Bespoke-$22,000

An Italian fashion brand that has been around for over a century and is currently run by founder Ermenegildo’s generation who still gives suit lovers the correct suit to cover up. He has passed his traits to his children and descendants who are still blowing our minds with their suits.

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Which country is widely known for making quality suits?

Italy over a century till date still tops the list globally when it comes to making the best suits for both men and women.

what is currently the most expensive the suit in the world?

Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition is number one on the 10 most expensive suits in the world list costing $778,290