Raphael Warnock net worth: early life, career, divorce


Raphael Warnock net worth as of 2023 is estimated at around $800,000.The 53-year-old clergyman cum politician made his wealth from both his various positions held in the political and religious world.

Beyond Raphael Warnock net worth we shall also look at his career, divorce, misappropriation of campaign funds, and eviction of low-earning tenants.

Who is Raphael Warnock?

Raphael is an American preacher and politician with strong ties to the democratic party and currently holds a position there. Despite holding a clergyman title, he has been involved in several unacceptable acts which people believed were contrary to his beliefs.


Full Name Raphael Gamaliel Warnock
Date of birth July 23, 1969
Age 53years
Profession Preacher, Politician, Activist
Political partyDemocrats
Ex-wife Oluleye ndoye
ChildrenChloe and Caleb
Net worth $800,000

Early life

Raphael was born on July 23, 1969, into a very large family to parents who both worked as preachers of the gospel. His dad aside from his pastoral work worked in the automobile field where he repaired dead cars and sold them off for profits. He schooled up to the Ph.D. level graduating with a doctorate in philosophy.

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Religious career

Raphael began his pastoral career by being under the mentorship of several big clergymen and also being an assistant pastor at churches. He was then elevated to the senior preacher role at the Douglas memorial community church where he worked for almost four years.

During his time as the head preacher, he had problems with the laws due to child abuse issues. He then joined the Ebenezer Baptist church as their head preacher and has been there till date.

Political career

Beyond his clergyman role, Raphael has been very vocal with issues about the well-being of the Georgia states. He demonstrated for the availability of health insurance for the poor, sick, and low-salary earners as he believed everyone must have access to good healthcare.

A strong democrat supporter, he contested for a senate seat in which he defeated his opponent Loeffler.

Despite being a religious head, Raphael is a full supporter of legal abortion and also an LGBTQ rights supporter.

He has on several occasions attacked ex-president Trump for making unsavory comments about the black community and also his loose talks on social issues.

Misappropriation of campaign funds

Raphael was caught in the web of misappropriation of campaign funds for legal battle issues. He used a chunk of the money to settle the legal practitioners who defended him in court, the action later led to the republicans calling for his sanction.

His team later came out to defend him that usage of campaign money as a government official is legal.

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eviction of low-earning tenants

Raphael did the most inhumane act by serving an eviction notice to the low-income tenants who occupied the church’s Columbia tower apartments. The act didn’t sit well with his contender Herschel Walker who called him and offered to assist the evicted people in his small way.

Raphael and his crew later came out to deny it

Divorce and custody battle

Raphael married human rights advocate and corporate worker Ouleye Ndoye in 2016 after a few years of dating and welcomed two kids together called Chole and Caleb.

They called it quits four years after which Ouleye alleged Raphael has hurt her feet during a quarrel in the house, after the divorce proceedings they were made to co-parents for their kids. Ouleye in 2022 accused the Georgia senate of not playing his fatherly responsibilities in the children’s life.

Raphael Warnock net worth

Raphael warnock net worth is currently estimated at around $ 800,000. He makes good money from both his work as a preacher and also a senate. He reportedly enjoys a $7,417 house allowance paid by his church and also earns $12,965 as the senior preacher.

Raphael also earns $164,816 as a senate and was paid $243,750 for his memoir ”a way out of no way”. He owns a big mansion in Washington which he bought at $ 1.1 million and owns another in Atlanta also worth $ 1 million.

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Some FAQs about Raphael Warnock

who is Raphael warnock’s current partner?

Raphael since his divorce from his wife hasn’t been sighted yet with any woman.

Which church does raphael warnock head?

He is the head preacher of Ebenezer Baptist church.

which political party is raphael warnock affiliated to?

He is a strong democrat member.