Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas


In the world of alcoholic beverages, vodka stands also stands tall and unique amongst the other beverages sold. With the majority of its ingredients being water, fruits, and vegetables it has also won the hearts of many who usually take it with ice cubes.

At the mention of vodka the most popular name that comes to everyone’s mind is Smirnoff but little do we realize some vodka cost the amount of a mansion in Beverly Hills. In our compiled list we shall give information on the top 10 most expensive vodkas in the world.

1.Billionaire Vodka

The name even says it all a vodka really fit for a billionaire and not an average earner. Priced at $ 3.7 million it was designed by designer Leon Verres who is noted for being the brain behind several expensive stuffs. Beyond it containing a throat-pleasing vodka, the bottle itself has been encrusted with carats of diamonds and gold.

2.Russo-Baltique Vodka

One would mistaken it from afar to be a perfume bottle, but the gold-encrusted vodka costs $ 1.3 million to grab one. Made by one of Russia’s oldest automobile companies Russo-Baltique the bottle is also bulletproof which means no one can easily smash it forcefully.

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3.Diva Premium Vodka

Appearing in a very clear bottle, the Diva vodka has been carefully purified and is free from any form of unwanted particles. Individuals get the privilege to have a natural taste of the rich grains used in its making. Due to that, a single bottle goes for $ 1 million

4.The Eye Of The Dragon Vodka

A vodka which was created by the collaboration of the top two brands thus the vodka company and also a diamond company. Crafted with diamonds worth millions of dollars from its top to down, just the bottle alone can be placed in your wardrobe after drinking. Or you can even choose to sell it off and use the money to invest in any business.

The irresistible vodka costs $5.5 million expensive right? Well, it’s been encrusted with diamonds you got to pay more.

5.Elit by Stolichnaya Himalayan Edition

Priced at $3000, the elit vodka’s water used in its production was extracted from the Himalayan Mountain with other grains added to get the full drink. Due to that Himalayan was added to the name and gives you a natural great taste of water and grain in your mouth when sipping it with ice cubes. You should give it a try a vodka whose water was extracted from a mountain would surely contain a lot of rich nutrients.

6.Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka

If you want to grab a $7,240 vodka that gives you brightness in your room during dark times, then the Belver Bear vodka is your last resort. A masterpiece of Jean-Roch, the vodka bottle has been designed in such a way that would lure you to buy even if you aren’t a fan of vodka. It is in a bottle resembling an electronic gadget which is a lot of flex when served to visitors at home.

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7.Crystal Head Vodka

Can you drink from a bottle designed in a form of a skeleton head? Are you sure you not gonna throw up afterwards? Well, that is what the designers and manufacturers of the vodka decided to do not only for vodka lovers to enjoy but also to talk about the life journey of man. Away from that, individuals are assured of a very healthy purified vodka with no artificial additions. It costs between $ 100-500 to get one

8.Absolut Crystal

A highly refined Swedish beverage that is consumed in larger quantities by people across the European and American continents. It has gone through a vigorous purification process and comes in different kinds of flavors making you choose between your choice. It costs $1,000 to get a bottle.

9.Purity Vodka

A vodka made from naturally filtered wheat and barley which makes you get the correct taste of the product with no form of artificial ingredients. With only 40% of alcohol, it can be taken by any healthy person provided you are above the age of 18. It costs $ 60-75 to get one bottle probably the cheapest on the most expensive vodka list.

10.George V Limited Edition of Kors Vodka

Crafted with pure gold to the extent of its tubes and inscription done in gold, it is unarguable that the Kors vodka deserves the huge price tag. Appearing in four different types it price ranges from $ 16,500-24,500.

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Which countries are best known for making vodka?

Russia and Sweden are the best producers of all kinds of vodkas.

who designed the Billionaire vodka?

It was designed by designer Leon Verres.


If you are a vodka lover then this article is definitely for you as you would get the chance to choose from a varieties of vodkas and also know their price. It on Showbiztom that makes it possible for its readers.

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