Judge Jeanine left eye: career, advocacy and lawsuit


Judge Jeanine left eye has been a topic of discussion space for more than a decade.

Many are querying to know what is wrong with the vociferous legal practioner and politicians’ left eye.

In our article today on showbiztom you will get to know what is wrong with Judge Jeanine left eye, her career, abortion advocacy, and lawsuit.

Who is Judge Jeanine?

Judge Jeanine is an American media personality, legal practitioner, and politician who has held top positions in the Republic party.

She has had the honor of working in many media firms and has also interviewed many big personalities.


Full name Jeanine Ferris Pirro
Nickname Judge Jeanine
Date of birth June 2, 1951
Age 71 years
Profession Politician, Legal Practioner, Writer, Media Personality
Ex-Husband Albert Pirro
Children Christi and Alexander
Net worth $50 million

Early life

Born and bred in New York to parents who worked hard to ensure she gets a comfortable life, Jeanie had her high school and University education in New York.

She then proceeded to obtain her Juris Doctor certificate from law school fulfilling her childhood dream of always wanting to be a lawyer.

law Career

Jeanine started her career as an Assistant district attorney in a law firm where she was made to sit on many cases and also defended clients. Jeanine after a few years of serving was promoted to the position of Chief of the Domestic Violence and Child abuse bureau. She won the people’s hearts due to her principled and candid ways of handling although some also didn’t like her.

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After years of serving, Jeanine took on a new role as a high court Judge In Westchester country court where she displayed her intellectualism in several court proceedings.

Jeanine was then given the district attorney role where she defended many victims who came with cases of domestic abuse since she had a strong passion for that.

Political Career

Due to her strong ties to the Republican party and also being knowledgeable of the law, Gubernatorial candidate Andrew O’Rourke elected her as her vice to assist him. The selection didn’t sit well with many supporters because Jeanine was deep in knowledge about politics. She then pulled out of the position.

Jeanine then decided to contest former 1st Lady Hilary Clinton for the Senator position but pulled out due to insufficient monetary support. She was also advised that Hilary has the numbers and has already won the people’s hearts.
Jeanine then contest for the Attorney General of New York position but lost to Andrew Cuomo.

Jeanine a strong Trump supporter has been the backbone of Trump even when he was contesting and supported him in most of his decisions. Judge Jeanine gained huge notoriety for advocating for the firing of Trump’s critics. She was also a mastermind behind most of Trump’s decisions.

Media Career

Judge Jeanine also worked in the media space as a legal analyst on her legal talk show ”Judge Jeanine Pirro” which was broadcasted on the CW television network before moving on to Fox news.

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She used her platform to share her opinions and also criticized many happenings in the country.

Abortion Advocacy

Judge Jeanine has never hidden her support for the termination of pregnancy as she believes every woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy if they are not ready.

Judge Jeanine left eye

Judge Jeanine left eye has left many questioning the cause. With a close look at the left eye, one would realize it is not well positioned as compared to her right.

All attempts to get a comment on it have proved futile, but health experts think it is strabismus, an eye disorder that doesn’t make the two be positioned well.


Judge Jeanine and her work colleagues at FOX news were charged with an amount of $1.6 billion for peddling false news about election rigging and vote manipulation on their network.


Judge Jeanine is currently a divorcee with two kids Christi and Alexander. She was formerly married to Albert Pirro.

He was once jailed for tax invasion but later pardoned due to demonstrating a good attitude.

Judge Jeanine net worth

Judge Jeanine current net worth is $50 million made from her many years in the law field.

Jeanine has won several cases and also worked in several big law institutions where she was paid millions of dollars.

She owns several million-dollar mansions scattered across the country.

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Some FAQs about Judge Jeanine

how old is Judge jeanine?

Judge Jeanine is 71 years and would be 72 on June 2,2023.

why was judge jeanine ex-husband arrested?

Albert Pirro was arrested because of tax invasion.

what happened to judge jeanine’s left eye?

Although she has failed to comment on it, medical experts say its strabismus.