Danny Koker’s house: career, wife, net worth, and death hoax


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Today we shall look at Danny Koker’s house in addition to his early life, career, family, net worth, legal suit against worker, and death hoax. Hope you enjoy every piece of this article.

Who is Danny Koker?

Danny is an American car technician, entrepreneur, and television personality known for being the host of the car show Counting Cars.


Full Name Daniel Nicholas Koker II
Also known as Danny ‘The Count’ Koker
Date of birth 5th January 1964
Age 59years
Nationality American
Occupation Car repairer, Entrepreneur, and Television personality, Musician
Father Daniel Nicholas Koker I
Mother Mary Koker
Siblings Peter, Milford, Bess Basar, Dotty Marks, and Mary Hayes
WifeKorie Fera
Height 188cm
Net worth $13million

Early life

Danny was born on the 5th of January 1964 in Cleveland to a wealthy father Daniel Koker who worked with an automobile company and was also a musician. He grew up amongst five siblings and had a good upbringing from their parents.


Danny started his career as a musician at a very young age when he was performing at school programs and mini-concerts, it was at that time he came out with his trademark of covering his head with a bandana.

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He decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps to work in the automobile industry where he trained himself as a car repairer. Danny then had the chance of appearing on several television programs like Saturday Fright at the movies and Pawn stars. In both programs, he played the character of a car repairer and was able to win people’s hearts due to his rich knowledge in automobiles.

He then started his reality show ‘counting cars’ which is centered on fixing spoilt automobile machines. The show also gives you a clear view of how some automobiles function and how they can be brought back to life if they get spoilt.

legal suit against worker

Danny sued former worker Joseph Frontiera for misappropriation of the company’s money and blowing it up on luxury. He siphoned a huge sum amount of $75,000 and splashed them extravagantly. He was brought before the law court and was fined $ 18,000 and fired from work.

Personal life

Danny is happily married to Korie Fera with whom they have been together for more than a decade although they prefer keeping their marriage out of the public eye. Korie has in the past worked with several media and production firms as she had an educational background in it.

Korie has been a very strong pillar in his husband’s career and has assisted him in the establishment of several businesses. Much is not known as to whether they have kids or not.

Death hoax

Danny was mistaken for his dad who died in 2008 due to having the same name as him. Some clarifications had to be done to clear the air as social media was thrown into chaos and weeping due to his demise.

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danny koker Net worth

Danny’s net worth currently sits at $ 13 million, made from his several business investments. Despite being born to a very accomplished father, he didn’t allow that to get into his head but hustled his way to the top.

He has made investments in the areas of hospitality, automobile, and music. All these investments fetch him millions annually. His reality show which he viewed by a million people worldwide has given him several customers who usually bring their cars and motors for servicing.

Danny Koker’s house

Danny Koker’s house is allegedly located inside Las Vegas and is 3678 feet tall and contains everything to make the family comfortable ranging from a studio, pool, and adequate rooms to host visitors.

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Some FAQs about Danny Koker

how many kids does danny koker have?

Details about he having kids or not isn’t known to the public.

what was his father’s profession?

Danny Koker was a musician and also worked in the automobile industry.

what does his wife do?

Korie Fera assists his husband with the running of their businesses.