Bobby Brown Net Worth: career, drug usage and divorce


Bobby Brown net worth as of 2023 is said to be around $ 2 million although it was reported to be much higher than that. Despite having a lucrative and enviable career that saw him pick several big awards and also performed at big functions, the legendary singer has been involved in many criminal activities in the past which put a strain on his pocket.

Showbiztom through our deep findings was able to group every other thing to know aside Bobby Brown net worth, we shall also talk about his drug usage, career, and divorce. Cross your legs and enjoy this insightful piece.

Who is bobby brown?

Bobby is a black American singer, songwriter, and actor who had a very successful career at a young age till turn for the worst in the latter part of his life. He is also popular for being the ex-husband of the late singer Whitney Houston with whom they both did drugs in their active days. Beyond drugs, he has also been caught in the web of several other illegal activities for which he was put behind bars.


Full Name Robert Barisford Brown
Known as Booby Brown
Date of birth February 5, 1969
Age 54 years
Nationality American
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, Actor
Partner Whitney Houston (m. 1992; div. 2007)​
Alicia Etheredge(m. 2012)
KidsLandon, La’Princia, Bobby Jr., Bobbi Kristina, Cassius, Bodhi, Hendrix
Net worth$ 2 million

early life

Bobby was born in Boston into a large family with both parents been middle-income earners who strived hard to cater to him and his siblings. He began singing at a very young age and performed mostly at school and church functions.

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Bobby started his music career as a group member of the New Edition group which comprised him and his friends Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell. Together with the group they released several countless hit songs like ”Cool it Down’ and had the honor of performing on mini-stages together. He later left the group after a rift with them over cheating and not giving him a share of the work done together.

Bobby’s solo journey was a success despite the slight challenges encountered in the beginning. With the help of his label MCA and producer Teddy Riley, he was able to bounce back stronger and brought many hits songs into the music scene. Some of his most popular songs were ”My Peregotive” and ”Every little step” which topped the charts and also won him several awards including a Grammy.

Booby also had the chance of working with several amazing talents like his ex-wife Whitney Houston and Damian Marley. After many years of being solo, he reunited with his New edition group where they released countless songs and also performed at MTV awards. The group also did a show to acknowledge the later pop star Michael Jackson when he died for his huge impact on their career. A man of great versatility he also tried his hands at acting he appeared in Panther, Nora’s Hair Salon, and The Masked Singer.

marriage and divorce

Bobby married the late singer Whitney Hoston whom she bumped into during their line of work. The couple tied the knot in 1991 and welcomed their only daughter Bobbi who later passed away in 2015. Whitney revealed she suffered several physical cases of abuse during their union and also multiple miscarriage reason why she couldn’t produce more children.

Bobby currently has seven children namely Landon, La’Princia, Bobby Jr., Bobbi Kristina, Cassius, Bodhi, and Hendrix with multiple women. He is currently with Alicia Etheredge with whom they share three kids together.

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Drug usage and arrest

Bobby battled strong drug abuse during his prime and was always high on heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. He revealed it was so intense to the extent that he had to sniff cocaine even on his wedding day under the influence of Whitney Houston. Bobby’s drug usage even affected his career as he was very high during one of his music tours with the New Edition which made him behave abnormal leading to him been taking off the bill. After almost two decades of hard drugs, his wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown helped him break off the addiction chain, and has been sober since.

Due to his association with drugs that made him hyper, Bobby has had problems with the law on several occasions which he has been put behind bars. Most of his crimes were assault-related and also drunk driving. He was once jailed by a Massachusetts judge for failing to pay child support for the upkeep of his two kids.

bobby brown net worth

Bobby Brown net worth is currently speculated to be around $ 2 million which could have been more hadn’t been for the many legal issues and drug lifestyle he lived in the past. The singer after going solo released many Billboard-topping songs which made millions of sales across the world.

Bobby also had the honor of embarking on several one-man tours which saw arenas overfilled with people. He also raked in millions from movie projects he appeared on. He once shared a mansion with his late wife Whitney Houston which has currently been put up for sale at $ 1.9 million. Bobby brown net worth would have been in billions if not for his many problems.

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Some FAQS about Bobby Brown

which of bobby brown kids died?

Bobby Jr. and Bobbi Kristina.

does bobby brown still do drugs?

No he has been sober for more than a decade now.