Michael J Fox Net Worth: career, family, health issue


Michael J Fox net worth sits at $ 65 million after his three decades in the movie industry. The veteran and retired actor was smart enough to pile up enough cash in his active days before finally calling it quits due to health issues. Regardless of everything he is worth celebrating so therefore showbiztom has taken it upon itself to not only talk about Michael J Fox net worth, but also his career, family, health issue and battle with alcoholism.

Who Is Michael J Fox?

He is a retired Canadian/American actor and activist whose works have been well-recognized in the American movie industry. Due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease, he turned a strong advocate for a permanent cure for it.


Full Name Michael Andrew Fox
Popularly known as Michael J Fox
Date of birthJune 9, 1961
Age 62 years
Profession Actor, Author, and activist
Wife Tracy Pollan
Children Sam Michael , Aquinnah Kathleen, Schuyler Frances, Esmé Annabelle
Net worth $ 65 million

early life

Michael was born and raised in Canada to an actress mother and a military father. He had his early and middle school education in Canada where he started acting at a very young age after taking huge inspiration from his mother. Michael was part of his school drama group which acted at the theatre.

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After starring in a few movies in Canada he was given his first movie exposure by American movie producer Ronald Shedlo who put him on in Letters from Frank. He delivered well which went on to earn him other subsequent movies such as Midnight Madness and Family Ties. His role in Family Ties received a thousand positive reviews with many falling in love with his acting.

Michael then went on to play voice-over in many animated series with the popular one being Stuart Little. Michael a Canadian later become one of the most sorts after actors in the American movie industry which led to him picking several awards such as the Grammys and the Emmy award.


Michael has been married to actress Tracy Pollan whom she met on set whilst working on the movie project Family Ties, they developed a friendship that later led to marriage in the late 80s. The couple is blessed with four children namely Sam Michael, Aquinnah Kathleen, Schuyler Frances, and Esmé Annabelle.

health issue and battle with alcoholism

Michael is a Parkinson’s patient an ailment he has lived with since 1991 that caused him a serious mental breakdown after a hospital diagnosis. To ease the mental breakdown, he reveals he took to heavy drinking but stopped after being counseled by health practitioners. Currently retired from acting due to not being able to flow very well like then as the illness has affected his brain sensors and impaired his speech.

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Michael j fox net worth

Michael J Fox net worth according to estimations stands at around $ 65 million, the retired actor who is currently battling for his health was smart in his hey days. Michael’s greater wealth came from the family ties movies which was one of his biggest projects ever featured, besides the awards won, he was paid millions of dollars for his role.

He also raked in cash from his voice-over role in animated series such as Stuart Little and Atlantis: The lost empire. A people’s favorite his books “Lucky Man: A Memoir”, and Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist also fetched him thousands of dollars after they were placed on Amazon.

He lived in a $6.3 million mansion with his family before selling it. Michael currently lives in California with his wife who has been around him since his health battle.

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Some FAQs about Michael J. Fox

how is michael j fox’s health now?

He is still undergoing treatment as the illness has impaired his brain function and given him slurred speech.

what does michael J Fox advocate on?

He advocate for a permanent treatment of Parkinson’s disease.