Top 10 Most Expensive Gaming Consoles


Virtual worlds have become accessible through gaming consoles, providing hours of fun and creativity. However, some consoles become more than just gaming tools; they can become status symbols for wealth, technological prowess, and collectors’ aspirations.

As we reveal the top 10 most expensive gaming consoles that redefine playtime by fusing cutting-edge technology with a dash of luxury, come along on a journey through the world of gaming. These gaming consoles, which are ranked by their exclusivity, restricted availability, and technological wonders, are more than just pieces of hardware; they are status symbols that transform the aesthetics of gaming.

1.The Legend of Zelda 24K Gold Nintendo Entertainment System

At the pinnacle of our list is The Legend of Zelda 24K Gold Nintendo Entertainment System. This masterpiece pays homage to the iconic game series with a 24-karat gold exterior, marrying gaming nostalgia with a touch of opulence. It also features two slots one for Japanese cartridges and one for USA cartridges. Due to it being made of pure gold, it costs $ 5,000 to get the whole set fixed at home.

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2.Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition commemorates the milestone of 500 million PlayStation consoles sold. With a translucent blue shell and gold accents, it’s a collector’s dream that represents both gaming history and cutting-edge technology. It gives gamers a real virtual gaming experience with characters having human similarities. It costs between $499-$943

3.Super Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition

The Super Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition is a tribute to gaming’s golden era. As one of the rarest consoles, with only 26 units produced, it’s a testament to the passion of collectors and gamers who yearn for a piece of history. It was priced between $18,000-$26,677 on eBay platforms with some speculations that it was around $ 1 million.

4.Sony PlayStation 5 24K Gold Edition

The Sony PlayStation 5 24K Gold Edition takes gaming into the realm of luxury with its opulent gold-plated design. A symbol of exclusivity, it bridges the worlds of technology and sophistication. It has been carefully boxed with all its consoles and headset all made in gold which portrays you as a rich man when using it. Unfortunately, it comes in a limited edition and costs between $9,443-12,419 to get one.

5. Atari Cosmos

The Atari Cosmos remains a legend in the gaming world, even though it was never released to the public. With only a few prototypes in existence, it’s a glimpse into what might have been an artifact of gaming’s untapped potential. It is also said to be the oldest amongst all the other gaming consoles and was sold for $7500 in 2010.

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6.Nintendo Wii Supreme

The Nintendo Wii Supreme transforms a gaming icon into a work of art. Crafted with diamonds, gold, and intricate design, this console merges gaming and luxury into a single masterpiece. Although it came into the gaming market at a relatively low price it won the gamer’s hearts due to the golden design used for it.

During its early years, it made over a million with one even customized for the late Queen Elizabeth. With multiple carats of gold and diamond on it, it costs $365,000 to get one.

7.Xbox 360 Elite 24K Gold Edition

The Xbox 360 Elite 24K Gold Edition elevates gaming to an opulent level. Plated in 24-karat gold, this console represents a fusion of performance and luxury, capturing the essence of high-end gaming. Resembling a gold bar, the 360 Elite costs $9,773 and isn’t your regular gaming console you can easily get for a few dollars.

8.Crystal Xbox

The Crystal Xbox radiates with a stunning crystal-clear design has been around for the past 19 years and still makes the list of expensive consoles. Limited in production, this console showcases innovation not just in gaming, but also in aesthetics. It also has a cute nature making it possible to be transported from one place to the other. It reportedly costs $2,699 to get one at the nearest game shop.

9.Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 remains a collector’s gem, representing the dawn of home computing and gaming. Its vintage appeal and historical significance place it among the most sought-after consoles. Those born in the 70s and 80s really enjoyed their time with this amazing console and it currently costs $1,800 after over four decades of existence.

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10.HoloLens Development Edition

HoloLens Development Edition, a console that breaks the boundaries of traditional gaming and also the mastermind of the Microsoft company which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to inventions. With augmented reality at its core, it offers a glimpse into a future where gaming transcends screens and enters the realm of the virtual.

Due to it being wearable, it doesn’t contain many features making it simple to operate by all. Well, it sits at a huge amount of $3,500 but can be paid in installments even discussed with the shop.

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where is the HoloLens Development Edition sold?

It is sold at any Microsoft shop.

is atari cosmos still in the system?

It was never released into the system so they have now diverted into another thing.


In conclusion, gaming consoles have evolved from humble beginnings to become cultural icons, and these high-priced marvels are the epitome of their evolution. More than devices, they embody innovation, luxury, and a community of gamers who seek the extraordinary.

With every new release, they redefine the possibilities of gaming and serve as a testament to the enduring allure of digital entertainment. Game lovers can always pass by Showbiztom to check out the gaming consoles and their prices.