Dr. Bawumia to disabilities: free tertiary education if I’m voted to power.


Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has pledged that if he is elected as the party’s candidate in the general elections of 2024, he will ensure that all individuals with disabilities can receive free tertiary education.

During his current national trip, he disclosed this to the clergy in the Western North Region.

Dr. Bawumia claims that although scholarships are intended to be awarded to a wide range of individuals, his government will give preference to those with disabilities.

“I know exactly how I want to proceed. In my opinion, we will provide more assistance to people with impairments. All individuals who apply for scholarships will receive one, but some funds will be allocated to the GET Fund and our scholarship secretariat. This will enable all individuals with disabilities who are accepted into universities to receive free postsecondary education, including housing and tuition. Dr Bawumia made it clear

According to the NPP flagbearer (Dr. Bawumia), starting in 2025, all individuals with disabilities will be eligible for the scholarship, covering both residential and academic costs.

Previously, the Vice President expressed his belief that God could utilize him to transform Ghana.

Dr. Bawumia
Dr. Bawumia

I believe that I can contribute to Ghana. I believe God employs everyone to bring about social transformation. He stated, “I believe that something good can come from Walewale, and if God says that it should come from Walewale, it will come from Walewale.”

He also urged the clergy to intervene and stop politicians from jeopardizing the nation’s peace for political gain.

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The Vice President added that his upbringing at home taught him to respect all religions.

credit: Pulse.gh