Andy Cohen Net Worth: early life, career, activism, awards, and partner


Andy Cohen net worth is currently $ 50 million after his three decades in the media space. Rated amongst one of the most successful and richest media personalities whose books written are also doing well on Amazon platforms.

Television lovers know him as one of the most sorted hosts for big programs and is also the main host for the chat show ”Watch what happens live”. In our article today, we shall look at Andy Cohen net worth alongside his early life, career, activism, awards and partner.

Who Is Andy Cohen?

Andy is an American media personality who has worked as a television host and author for more than two decades and is very vocal about same-sex marriage. He is an open gay who fathered two children via surrogate.


Full Name Andrew Joseph Cohen
Known as Andy Cohen
Date of birth June 2, 1968
Age 55 years
Nationality American
Occupation Television host and Author
Children Ben and Lucy
Net worth $ 50 million

early life

Andy was born and raised in Missouri into a family of two with a sister called Emily. He had his basic and high school education in Missouri before bagging a first degree from Boston University. As someone who has always had a strong passion for writing and journalism, he specialized in journalism and writing. In school, he was a participant in writing competitions.

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Andy had his first career exposure with the CBS media where he started as an intern for over a decade before being promoted to a senior rank of the ” The Early Show.” alongside other positions. After years of serving them, he was poached to Trio and then later Bravo where he used his many years of experience in the media to make a lot of changes and also make it bounce back into the media space again.

He then started with the ”Watch what happens” show and served as the main host for several big shows. Andy then began the Radio Andy show which had several award-winning journalists and actors coming on board as guests. He, later on, embarked on a tour with his friend Anderson Cooper to promote their show AC2 before returning to host “Hollywood Game Night” with him on the NBC media platform.

He then joined CNN with Anderson where they both serve as the host for ”New Eve’s Coverage”. Andy serves as the executive producer for “The Real Housewives” television and has also made appearances in lady Gaga’s music video G.U.Y. He also appeared in the television series Riverdale.


Due to his unique way of journalism and writing, Andy has won several awards including the Emmy award due to his good work on the cooking show “Top Chef”.He also received the best-dressed and most powerful gay couple respectively.


An open gay himself, Andy has never failed to speak against anything that seeks to infringe upon Gay rights in the country. He criticized the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill which he believed would make people discriminate against gay people more. He also criticized how gays were treated in The Real Housewives after a gay party. Andy also declined an offer to host the Miss Universe show in Russia due to their strong antigay laws which he deemed as not safe for him.

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Andy is an open gay who also serves as an activist for the gay community, he has used his influence on several occasions to back gay causes. In the past, he has been linked with several names such as Clifton Dassuncao, James Lance Bass, John Clayton Mayer, John Arthur Hill, and Anderson Hays Cooper. Although they aren’t enough evidence to back the relationship with Anderson, the two reportedly share a very close that dates back over twenty years.

Andy is a proud father of two children namely Benjamin Allen and Lucy Eve which he fathered via surrogate means.

Andy Cohen net worth

Andy Cohen net worth currently sits at $ 50 million, regarded as one of the richest media personalities and best-selling authors he has made great fortune from his sweat. His book The Andy Cohen Diaries emerged as one of the best-selling books in the world and was a hot cake on the Amazon selling platform. He raked in millions from the sales. His memoir Most Talkative also took the number position as the best-selling book in the country.

He reportedly earns thousands of dollars from his television show host and is one of the highest-paid people when booked to host a program. A proud New Yorker, he owns an $ 18 million Penthouse which is just a sight to befall and also a small heaven. He also owns a beach house in Hamptons where he usually goes to cool off in his spare time with his kids. Andy Cohen net worth is huge so he can afford all that luxury.

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Some FAQS about Andy Cohen

who is andy cohen’s partner?

Much is not known about his partner but he is rumored to be dating Anderson Cooper.

which of andy cohen books made huge sales?

Most Talkative and The Andy Cohen Diaries was the best selling books.