10 Most Expensive Headphones For Music Production


The pursuit of sonic perfection is never-ending in the realm of music production, where each note and subtlety counts. Enter the world of headphones. More than just a fashion statement, they serve as the tools used by musicians to create their auditory creations. Join us as we take you on a fascinating tour of the world of music creation and unveil the top 10 most expensive headphones for music production ever made.

These headphones are ranked based on their high level of craftsmanship, technological advancements, and the symphony they create. They are the go-to equipment for discerning producers looking to mold and perfect their musical masterpieces.

1.Audeze LCD-4z

The Audeze LCD-4z offers a symphony of sonic elegance, tailored for audiophiles who demand nothing short of perfection. Its meticulous engineering commands a notable price, cementing its status as a reference for those dedicated to sonic purity. It costs $3,995 and makes you enjoy an undistracted music sound.

2.Focal Utopia

The Focal Utopia transcends sound to become a work of art for the ears. Crafted with precision, it serves as a canvas for the nuances of music. Its price reflects its position as a masterpiece in both design and audio performance. It costs $5,000 and is even enjoyable when used in a very quiet environment with that you get the chance to get a clear sound.

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3.HIFIMAN Susvara

With the HIFIMAN Susvara, every note is a revelation. This headphone delves into the realms of sonic detail, making it a prized possession for music producers who value precision and clarity above all else. It has a magnetic feature that makes you enjoy the sound without being distracted by sound waves. It costs S$5,999 to grab a set for your music production.

4.Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC

The Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC plunges into a realm of sonic power and depth, redefining the headphone experience. Disc jockeys enjoy a good bass and light up the stage during performances. Its price resonates with those who crave aural authority and an immersive musical journey. Abyss costs a huge amount of $4,995 to get one.

5.Sony MDR-Z1R

The Sony MDR-Z1R stands as a testament to Japanese craftsmanship. Impeccably designed, it encapsulates precision and soul and is a closed-back that offers mind-blowing sound when used. Its price tag of $1,799 acknowledges the fusion of technology and artistry that it embodies.

6.Focal Stellia

Indulge in opulence with the Focal Stellia, a headphone that promises a luxurious audio immersion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it commands a premium price as a symbol of refined sonic indulgence. Focal has been made with a quality 21st-century electronic speaker that offers users a high and low-frequency sound when plucked in. It costs $2,999 to get one.

7.Meze Empyrean

The Meze Empyrean achieves a harmonious fusion of style and sound. Designed with elegance, it draws music enthusiasts into a world of enchanting melodies. It also offers double voice coils with offers clear sound and gives an everlasting experience. All these additions makes its $2,999 price an investment in both form and function.

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8.Rosson Audio RAD-0

The Rosson Audio RAD-0 exudes artisanal excellence in every detail. This headphone is a canvas for personalization, where aesthetic appeal meets sonic innovation, making its price a reflection of its distinct identity. It is a headset best for any sound engineer seeking to give his client a high and low-end sound. It is also very safe on the ears offering you some comfort without health complications, due to that it costs only $2,600.

9.Focal Utopia by Tournaire

The Focal Utopia by Tournaire—a crossover between luxury and sound. Crafted with breathtaking artistry, it merges sonic prowess with opulence, placing it among the elite echelons of headphone extravagance. Made in France, it is said to be one of the world’s most expensive headphones due to the many carats of diamonds used in its design by the jewelry company Maison Tournaire. It costs $120,000 to grab one.

10.Onkyo H900M

Do you want to rock headphones made of complete diamonds that blink when using them? Well, Onkyo set off to challenge its headphones counterpart by inventing a 20-carat headphone that doesn’t only offer you quality high and low sound but gives you a royal look when working. It costs $ 80,0000 to get one and is also customizable. Expensive right? it is made of pure diamond you can’t blame them.

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What is the most Expensive headphone as of 2023?

The Focal Utopia by Tournaire which costs $120,0000

how many carats of diamond was used in the making of Onkyo h900M?

Over 20-carats of diamond was used in its making.


With the realm of music production, these headphones transcend their functional role to become conduits of artistic expression. The symphony of sound they deliver resonates with producers and audiophiles alike, crafting an auditory experience that captivates the soul.

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With each note, they remind us that music is more than just melodies it’s an emotion, a journey, and a testament to the artistry that thrives within the world of sound. Don’t hesitate to drop your reviews in the Showbiztom comment section.