Top 10 Most Expensive Champagnes


Champagne is an alcoholic beverage mostly used in the celebration of a big feat like graduating from school, a birthday party, winning an election, a marriage ceremony, and the unveiling of a new house. On a visit to the nightclub, one would always sight the big boys in front of a table with champagne in a bucket full of ice cubes enjoying.

But when we talk of champagnes we have the affordable ones and the very expensive ones like the French brand Hennessey and Moet which have been ruling for the past two decades. Well, today we shall take you through the list of the Top 10 most expensive champagnes, who knows one day you may have a lot of cash stored for enjoyment.

1.Taste of Diamonds-$1.8million

Currently occupying the second position on The top 10 Most Expensive Champagne, It Also Won The Tastiest Wine In 2012. It Was Designed By Nigerian British Designer Alexander Amosu Who Is On The Notoriety For Always Coming Up With Very Expensive Things. What Makes This Drink More Expensive Is That It Has Been Decorated With 18-Karat White Gold And A 19-Karat Diamond That Sparkles A Distance Away. Nigerian Producer Don Jazzy Was One Of The Popular People To First Have A Taste Of It.

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2. Armand de Brignac Rose 30-Liter Midas-$275,000

Appearing in a very large of about 4 feet and weighing over 60 pounds, it is the largest version of the Rose champagne. The Armand de Brignac champagne company is owned by rapper and businessman Jay Z who bought it for an undisclosed amount.

Any champagne lover or party-hard person will notice how they never disappoint when it comes to the production of expensive gold champagne bottles. Well, the Roc Nation boss has eyes for quality stuffs which you can’t blame him for that. If it belongs to Jay Z then it deserves to be on Top 10 most expensive champagnes list.

3. Armand de Brignac Brut Gold-$90,000

It seems the legendary rapper and billionaire Jay Z isn’t backing down soon and would probably be rubbing shoulders with top champagne companies in the near future. Appearing in a gold-plated color, it has the height of a 10-year-old kid and is very tasty in the throat. It is also nicknamed the Ace of Spades and has been used in rap lines by many artists.

4. dom perignon rose gold methuselah 1996-$49,000

The most expensive amongst all the other Dom Pérignon champagne brands, it has been in existence for over eight decades and still hasn’t lost its sweet-scented flavor and taste. Splashing a sum of $49,000 on 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah champagne during a birthday party wouldn’t be bad at all.

5. 1820 Juglar Cuvée-$43,500

This particular champagne’s history is quite fascinating and also difficult to apprehend as it is full of adventure yet never lost its great taste. Discovered by a group of divers on a shipwreck, it was later brought into the market space and sold at a very hefty amount of $43,500.Well who wouldn’t want to have a taste of an ancient champagne which never lost it taste after several years.

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6. 1959 Dom Perignon-$42,350

Another product from the Dom Pérignon under the company of French entrepreneur Bernard Arnault. It made headlines during its auction in New York when it was bought by an unknown person for $ 84,700. Well, who doesn’t love products which are very hard to come by in the market unless you probably have no taste for luxury. Mr. Arnault has never disappointed so his products deserves to be on Top 10 most expensive champagnes.

7. Krug 1928-$21,200

Looking for the champagne that broke the world record as the first champagne to be sold at its auction? Then look no further as it was 1928 Krug by the Krug Collection which has been in existence for over three decades. During it auction, the buyer bought it at a higher price of $21,200 instead of the expected amount of $15,344.

8. Champagne Avenue Foch 2017-$ 2.5 million

The most expensive on the top 10 most expensive champagnes and also the world’s most expensive drink, it was made by British winemaker Shammi Shinh in collaboration with NFT club Sneaky vampire syndicate. The bottle was designed with 18-carat solid gold and 19 19 carats of diamond. It also has an animated vampire picture on it and is solely to promote NFTs.

It caught the attention of Italian brothers Giovanni and Piero Buono who paid $ 2.5 million to get it. The duo revealed they looked at the business side of it more than just drinking and would invest in it.

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9. 1990 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Millennium Cuvee Methuselah-$18,800

Made in a gold color bottle, it has a very fruity and silky taste which would be very good for drinking on a very hot afternoon whilst taking a nap at the beach. Specially made for the late Russian ruler Tsar Alexander II by Louis Roederer because he couldn’t get enough of the sweet and throat-pleasing wine.

10. 1841 Veuve Clicquot-$34,000

Recovered from a shipwreck, it makes the list as one of the oldest yet most expensive champagnes which haven’t lost their taste after over a hundred years. It was bought for $43,300 by restaurateur Julia Sherstyuk who plans on showcasing it in her wine museum. She is really going to make a lot of cash looking at the number of people who will troop in on a regular to eat there.

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Some FAQs

what is the worlds’t most expensive champagne?

The world most expensive champagne is Champagne avenue forch sold at $ 2.5million which also takes the takes the first position on the top 10 most expensive champagnes.

which year did jay Z buy armani de brignac champagne?

He bought it in 2014 at an undisclosed amount.

Who owns the dom Pérignon champagne?

It owned by French billionaire Bernard Arnault.


You may one day be looking for champagne to cool your dry throat or probably one to pop at a grand occasion, Showbiztom got you covered as you can always visit our site to check the list out. Who knows your favorite may be in our the Top 10 most expensive champagnes list.
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