Who Was andre the giant wife? Everything You Need To Know About her


Andre The Giant wife was one of the few wrestler’s wives who was able to capitalize on their partner’s name to make a fortune for themselves.

Wrestling lovers in the early 60s and 70s touted Andre The Giant as one of the best performers not because of his deep voice and gigantic feature but his amazing stunts.

Beyond his WrestleMania stunts on screen, he was a family man who had a partner and a daughter.

In today’s post, we shall look at Andre the Giant’s wife Jean Christensen professional career, failed marriage , her daughter, and death.

Who was Andre the Giant wife?

Jean Christensen was a pretty damsel who worked as a model alongside being a public relations officer for the wwe company in the early 70s.

It was through her working duties as a publicist she met Andre the giant, which they developed a relationship leading to marriage.

Jean’s marriage to Andre also gave her huge exposure in the public space and also boosted her brand.

NameJean Christensen
Date of birthN/A
Famous as the wife of Andre The Giant
HusbandAndre The Giant
DaughterRobin Christensen-Roussimoff
ProfessionModel, Public relations officer
Net worth$100,000

Everything You Need To Know About andre the giant wife

Early life

Jean Christensen was born and raised in a suburb of the USA where she had her basic education and high school education although details about the exact school are unknown.

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She was brought up by very hardworking parents and supportive siblings who motivated her when she started her modeling career.

Jean never gave details about who her parents were or her siblings but it’s speculated she had siblings.

Professional career

Jean Christensen began her career as a model in the city where she had the opportunity to model for several top brands. Her works were always featured on the front pages of magazines and she also shoots commercials for brands.

Along the line, she had the opportunity of working for wwe as their public relations officer.

Jean’s main responsibility was to address the media on issues concerning wwe and also helped prepare proposals.

Failed Marriage to Andre the giant and legal Action

Jean Christensen met Andre The Giant in 1974 during one of her busy work schedules . Although she had watched her matches they hadn’t spoken before so they built a friendship right from the onset.

The friendship then developed into a relationship in which they tied the knot within a short period. Jean then took seed and gave birth to their first daughter Robin in 1979.

Andre denied being the father of the child, It was after a DNA test was conducted, the results showed he is the biological father.

Since their marriage was not registered, Andre failed to perform his fatherly responsibilities which later led to a strong legal action taken against him.

In the end, Jean won the case and Andre was given an amount of money to be pay as child’s support.

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her Daughter

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff the only daughter of Andre and Jean was born in 1979 making her 43 years at the moment.

Deep checks revealed she never had a father-and-daughter relationship with her father Andre The Giant reason why she barely talks about her in interviews.

Regardless of everything she pursued a wrestling career at a point in her life but was unsuccessful so diverted into acting.

Robin is very active on social media. Her Instagram page is hey_puddin_79

her Husband Andre the Giant

Andre The Giant was a French wrestler who managed to penetrate into the American wwe and later emerged as the people’s favorite.

He gained huge notoriety after his long-lasting feud with Hulk Hogan which he defeated latter in their match.

Beyond wrestling, Andre The Giant also made appearances in movies such as Zorro and the Princess bride.

He passed away in 1993 at the age of 46 after suffering from heart failure. After his death, his name was included in the hall of fame list to protect his legacy and honor him.

Her death

Jean Christensen passed away in 2008 many years after Andre’s death. The cause of her death was never made known to the public

Jean Christensen net worth

Jean before passing away had a net worth of $100,000 which she made from her early days as a model and also public relations officer.

She was able to save enough from her paycheck and lived a very comfortable life.

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Her ex-husband Andre The Giant on the other hand was worth $10 million as he was one of the hottest guys in the wwe space during his prime.

Matches that had him on bill, drew millions of people to buy tickets and watch him. Andre also made enough cash from his acting roles.

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Some FAQs about Jean Christensen

When did andre the giant wife die?

Jean died in 2008 many years after the sad demise of his husband, although cause of her death was never made known to the public.

Who was Andre the giant wife?

She was called Jean .Christensen.

What was jean Christensen net worth?

Jean before passing away was worth $100,000