Liam payne height: career, health battle, personal life and net worth


Liam Payne height has been a matter of debate for quite a few years now. Many are asserting the singer stands at 1.75cm tall whilst others believe he is 1.76cm.

In today’s article, we will give you the exact height of Liam Payne and also delve a bit further into his early life, career, personal life, and net worth.

Spare us a few minutes of your time as we walk you through your Liam’s life.

Who is liam payne

Liam is a British singer and songwriter who made headlines after participating in the reality show contest X-factor.

Despite not being able to emerge the winner, Liam formed a group with fellow contesters called One direction. The group under the record label and mentorship of Judge Simon Cowell became as one of the hottest things in the music industry.

One direction went on several musical tours and sold-out concerts. Their albums and singles topped charts, broke records, and recorded highest streams on digital platforms.

Liam later exited the group and started off as a solo artist which he is doing marvelously well. Since becoming a solo artist he has featured many big names in the industry.

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Liam payne Profile

Full Name Liam Payne James
Date of birth August 29th,1993
Age29 years
ProfessionSinger, Guitarist, and songwriter
Girlfriend Kate Cassidy
ChildBear Grey Payne
Net worth$70 million

Liam payne Early life

Born and raised in Wolverhampton a city located in the western part of England, Liam was brought up under the care of his nurse mother and mechanic worker father.

Born a premature baby, little Liam started battling health issues which saw him in and out of the hospital, it was later tests showed he had only one working kidney. Due to that doctors placed him on a daily shot to make him stable.

Not distracted by his health issues, Liam joined his school’s sports team where he was one of the best sprinters who always represented the school during tournaments.

He graduated with a certificate in music from the City of Wolverhampton College.

Liam payne Career

Liam was first introduced into the music business by the production group Pink production theatre company which played a very huge role in his career. They helped groom him and also gave him the courage on how to perform in front of multitudes.

Liam then auditioned on the music reality show X-Factor in 2008 where he performed a few songs but was later advised by Simon Cowell to come back in two years time as he was too young at that time.

He bounced back in 2010 which he impressed the judges with his singing skills and was even tipped to emerge the winner. Judge Nicole Scherzinger then advised Liam to form a band with fellow contestants Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry styles.

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They named the band one direction which went on to give the audience and judges an energetic and superb performance earning them praises from Simon Cowell.

Despite their huge effort and hard work, they emerged third losing to Matt Cardle and Rebecca Fergusson.

Not wanting their talents to go waste Simon Cowell signed them to his record label Simon Cowell Sysco entertainment.

Under the record label, One direction enjoyed a lot of success with their first album ”Up All Night” topping all the music charts worldwide. It also paved way for them to be getting call-ups for tours across the UK, USA, and Australia cities where their tickets were sold out.

The group’s subsequent albums also did well on the billboard charts, which they made millions from their tours and ticket sales. After enjoying the success of their fifth album, group member Zayn Malik exited the group with Liam Payne also going solo under his music group Hampton music limited.

Under his production, Liam featured a lot of big names on his project such as Jamie Scott, Wiz Khalifa, and Quavo. He also performed as a solo artist in many countries.

Humanitarian deeds

A strong giver who has a soft spot for the needy and sick, Liam Payne has collaborated with several charity foundations and assisted them with huge sums of money.

One of his infamous humanitarian deeds is supporting UNICEF alongside his fellow celebrity colleagues which they make donations every year.

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He is also an anti-racist and even joined the Black lives matter protest in London.

Liam payne Health issue

Born with only one working kidney, Liam tweeted in 2012 that his damaged kidney has started working again after undergoing a checkup at the hospital.

Liam Payne height

Liam Payne height is 185cm a piece of information he gave out on his Twitter page when his fans were debating heavily on it.

He twittered and said he is almost 6 feet tall.

Liam payne personal life

Liam dated the ex-wife of footballer Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole with whom he had his son with.

He then had a short relationship with model and actress Naomi Campbell.

Liam had an on-and-off relationship with model Maya henry and is currently dating Kate Cassidy.

Liam Payne net worth

Liam net worth currently sits at $70 million which is money he made from his tours and album sales.

During his time with the One Direction music group, he made millions of dollars from world tours and album sales.

He also makes good money from his digital streaming websites which has all his songs.

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Some FAQs about Liam Payne

What is liam payne height

Liam Payne is 185cm an information he personally gave out.

What is the name of Liam payne’s babymama?

She is Cheryl Cole former wife of footballer Ashley Cole.

What health issue is Liam payne Battling?

Liam was born with one damaged kidney which demanded him taking shots daily, in 2012 he tweeted his damaged kidney has healed.