Ishowspeed Net Worth: career, relationship and racist acts


Ishowspeed net worth is said to be between $ 10 million made from his numerous online activities. The young Youtuber also doubles as a strong Cristiano Ronaldo fan had the privilege of meeting him at the Euro 2024 qualifying match. Despite being a teen he has got caught up in several controversies which have led to him being banned from YouTube. In our write today, showbiztom will take you through Ishowspeed net worth alongside his career, racist acts, and hate speech.

Who is Ishowspeed?

He is a young Youtuber and singer who made headlines on the internet space when he bumped into Cristiano Ronaldo at the Euro 2024 games. He has also been captured soo many times passing hate speeches and also acting racist toward people


Real Name Darren Watkins Jr
Nickname Ishowspeed
Date of birthJanuary 21, 2005
Age 18years
Nationality American
Weight 60kg
Parents Darren Watkins Snr.
Girlfriend Ermony Renee
Profession Singer, Youtuber
Youtube channel@IShowSpeed
Net worth$10 million

early life

Ishowspeed was born Darren Watkins Jr to Darren Watkins Snr. in Ohio states on January 21, 2005, into a family of three. His parents divorced when he was a little kid which made his parents co-parents for the wellbeing of him and the siblings.

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Ishowspeed developed an interest in YouTubing at a very young age an idea his mother strongly opposed. His early days as a streamer was quite tough due to not being able to get enough views when online, but after years of consistency and hard work he gained global attention. He joined the Twitch platform where he worked together with Adin Ross live-streaming NBA 2K. He within a short period won the heart of many despite his constant use of foul language when online. Ishowspeed played a very instrumental role in the marketing of the mobile application “Talking Ben the Dog,” which became one of people’s most favorite.

Due to his huge numbers online, he picked the Streamy Award for Breakout Streamer. Ishowspeed has also tried his hands on music which chalked huge success on digital platforms, some of his songs are “Shake” and ”Ronaldo” which he composed personally for Ronaldo. The YouTuber made headlines during the Euro 2024 qualifiers when he met his favorite soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Before meeting him, he took pictures with the soccer star’s brother and sister.


Setting Fireworks In His House

Ishowspeed did the unthinkable when he lit firecrackers in his room during the independence day celebration. The firecrackers unfortunately caught fire which had to take the intervention of fire-service personals to quench it.

Racist And Hate Speech

Ishowspeed was also lambasted heavily for a racial slur against a Chinese man who wore an argentine jersey after he mistook him for a Japanese. His loose-talk attitude led to his contract with sky sports being terminated since they became fed up with his constant use of vulgar words on women and people. All his videos on their platform were wiped out after the termination of the deal

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Sexual Harassment

Ishowspeed sexually harassed model Ash Kash with the motive she can’t block her chances if he chooses to have offspring with her. The act which violates the rules of the Twitch platform led to him being banned from the platform.


Ishowspeed was romantically linked with Ava Villain, a transgender woman before moving on to date Ermony Renee. Ermony is rumored to be a student and is usually seen in Ishowspeed’s videos on social media.

Ishowspeed net worth

Ishowspeed net worth is currently speculated to be around $ 10 million which was made from his online activities. The young Youtuber joins the likes of MrBeast who are cashing out big time from YouTube and other streaming platforms. Due to his large following, he has top brands he markets their products and is paid thousands of dollars after each commercial.

He previously had a contract with Sky Sports which he reportedly made millions but had the contract terminated due to his foul language. Despite just being 18 years he rides a Lamborghini Urus purchased for over $230,000 and lives in a modest mansion with his mother.

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Some FAQS about Ishowspeed

what is the name of ishowspeed’s mother?

Her name isn’t known as she is a very private and reserved person.

what does ishowspeed Girlfriend do?

Ermony Renee is a University student but usually joins Ishowspeed when he is doing his livestreaming videos.