Anthony Anderson net worth: career, divorce, health battle, and charity work


Anthony Anderson net worth currently sits at $ 25 million made from many years on the screen as a comedian, actor, and television host. The black American actor who has been in the entertainment business for over two decades is a master of his craft who doesn’t disappoint when in front of the camera no wonder he has such a staggering net worth.

Beyond Anthony Anderson net worth we shall also talk about his career, divorce, health battle, and charity work. After reading this article you will get to know more about the legendary actor.

who is anthony anderson?

Anthony Anderson is a black American actor and comedian who has risen to the ranks as of the most sorted television personalities and also won the hearts of many. With many movies and shows to credit, he has also won himself prestigious awards and also uses his name to push good causes.


NameAnthony Anderson
Date Of BirthAugust 15, 1970
Age52 years
OccupationComedian, actor, and television host
Ex-WifeAlvina Stewart
Children Nathan and Kyra
Weight223 pounds
Net worth$ 25 million

early life

Anthony was born in California to a telephone operator mother Doris Hancox who later remarried Sterling Bowman who played a very huge fatherly role in Anthony’s life. He together with his stepbrother Derrick Bowman were raised under the tutelage of their parents with his stepfather instilling a lot of discipline on them.

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Anthony often cites his stepdad as his hero for teaching him what it takes to be a man. He lost him in 2002 which was a strong blow to him. Anthony graduated from both high school and University with a certificate in Fine arts.



Anthony just like any upcomer flopped in their first attempt which made him almost give up but was motivated to still press on. He began his career as an actor featuring in seasonal movies such as In the House, the Bernie Mac Show, and Law and Order.

He then had the chance of acting alongside Jet Li in Romeo must die, Kangaroo Jack and also the legendary Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in Life.

A man of great versatility, Anthony has also played the voice-over role in many animated movies and video games such as Scarface, Def Jam, and Proud Family.

television host

Anthony has also served as a host of of television show To Tell the Truth and has in the past served as host for Wall of Fame show.

sexual molestation accuastions

Anthony has been called out on several occasions for allegedly molesting women she worked with on a set of movie shoots. With little or no evidence to back the accusations, the case was thrown under the carpet but he was made to sign a bond.

Health battle and weight loss

Anthony has been battling with type 2 diabetes for over a decade now, a disease he claims runs in the family. He revealed it was due to his busy schedule on set and also not being diet conscious so he was advised by his doctor to shred off some fat. He reveals he has since then adopted a healthy lifestyle of exercising and also eating well to avoid future complications.

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charity works

Anthony has joined hands with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk which is bent on defeating and also supporting diabetic patients. Anthony uses his image as a celebrity to preach about the necessary measures to avoid it and also the health routine to stick through when you have it. He also makes donations to support them.

He partnered with the Mercedes Benz company during the height of the coronavirus to supply free food to the poor and homeless all across the country. He also joined the footwear company WSS to donate $250,000 to a boys and girls club.

marriage and divorce

Anthony was married to his high school sweetheart Alvina with whom they lived together for more than two decades. The couple just like any married couple had their lowest moment of breaking up and reconciling again till they finally divorced in 2022.

They had two children together called son Nathan, 22, and a daughter Kyra due to that he wasn’t subjected to child support after the divorce but was asked to give Alvina a share of the properties acquired.

Anthony Anderson net worth

Anthony Anderson net worth currently stands at $ 25 million which he made from his acting, hosting voice-over, and endorsement deals. He signed a mouth-watering deal with the Mercedes car company and has been seen soo many times featuring in their programs.

He earns $400,000 from his acting and voice-over roles. Anthony sold his million-dollar mansion in California for $2.1 million after his divorce from his wife. He is rumored to owning other expensive mansions and cars. Despite it all Anthony Anderson net worth still stands tall.

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Some FAQS about Anthony Anderson

who is anthony anderson’s stepbrother?

He is Derrick Bowman a emergency room technician at MLK community healthcare.

who is anthony anderson current girlfriend?

He is currently single probably healing from the divorce in that happened in 2022.

who is anthony anderson’s mother?

She is Doris Bowman and has made appearance on his To Tell the truth show.