Kevin Cornelius Emmons: Everything to know about him


Kevin Cornelius Emmons is the biological father of rapper 21 savage and is currently based in London.

In our article today, we shall touch on everything you need to know about Kevin Cornelius Emmons and also his son’s immigration status battle.

Who is Kevin Cornelius Emmons?

Kevin Cornelius Emmons is a Carribean who settled in London with his wife to start a family. Currently, all of his three children are superstars who have huge followers.


Full Name Kevin Cornelius Emmons
Date of birthUnknown
Age Unknown
Nationality British
Ex-Wife Heather Camilla Joseph (divorced)
Children Sheyaa Bin Abraham(21 savage),Kyra&jayda
Occupation Sales assistant
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Born and raised in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines an island located in the Caribbean, he moved to London at a very young age to seek greener pastures.

He had all his education in London although his level of education isn’t yet known nor the school attended.


Kevin Cornelius Emmons after doing several menial jobs finally works with the Westminster City Council as a sales assistant.

meet his Family

Kevin Cornelius Emmons married Dominican Heather Camilla and their marriage produced three children Sheyaa Bin Abraham, Kyra&jayda.

The couple later dissolved their marriage citing unreconcilable differences. Heather then relocated to the USA where she remarried health practitioner Dr.Amsu Anpu and started another family together.

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His twin daughters

Jayla and Kyra are the youngest of Kevin’s kids who work as professional choreographers and dancers. They have a YouTube channel with almost 900 subscribers where they normally post videos of their dance lessons.

They are also very active on Instagram with the davise_twins . Jayla and Kyra first made headlines when their brother was arrested in America for being an illegal immigrant.

They were very vocal on Twitter and called for his release of their brother during his arrest.

His son

Born Sheyaa Bin Abraham Joseph on October 22, 1992, in London. He is the elderly of his parent’s three kids and relocated with his mother to the USA when he was little.

He picked up the nickname 21 Savage and was a very problematic child who always got himself into trouble.21 savage right from a young age engaged in several social vices which always ended him up in the grips of the law.
He was restricted from attending school in his locality due to having a gun under his sleeves and was enrolled in another school in a different locality but stopped along the line.

21 savage then began a career as a rapper where he released multiple mixtapes and singles which his first album EP savage mode blew up. The album was an instant hit and made it to the Billboard charts.

His second album Issa album was equally a hit also making it to the charts. He then had the chance of working with several big names like Young thug, Dj Khalid, and, Drake.

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He was then billed for shows and tours which he performed in almost all the states and neighboring countries.

21 savage has come under huge criticism for always passing controversial statements, he once labeled rapper Nas as no longer being relevant in the music scene. The statement didn’t sit well with fans who attacked him for disrespecting a legend he later came out to clarify his statements.

He also received backlash when he used unsavory words about Jewish in his song, he later took to his Twitter handle to issue an apology.

Beyond his gangster life,21 savage has a very soft heart for humanity and has on several occasions made donations to the people in his hood. He has through his foundation provided many basic and personal needs for his Atlanta neighbors.

21 savage immigration battle

21 savage found himself locked in the net of the Atlanta immigration services for allegedly overstaying his visit visa although he has been living there since childhood.

Thankfully he had the support of his senior colleagues who protested for his release and described the act as a cruel one. He was later released on bond with the matter still hanging in court.

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Some FAQs about Kevin Cornelius Emmons

how many kids does Kevin Cornelius Emmons have?

He has three kids Sheyaa Bin Abraham(21 savage), Kyra& Jayda.

Where does Kevin Cornelius Emmons come from?

He comes from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but naturalized for Britain.

what does Kevin Cornelius Emmons do?

He works at Westminster City Council as a sales assistant