Maya Sandiford Artest: everything to know about her


Maya Sandiford Artest is a model and partner of basketball player Metta Sandiford. Despite being married to a public figure she has tried to avoid being in the news for bad reasons.

In our article today, we shall look at everything to know about Maya Sandiford Artest and her husband’s controversial issues.

Who is Maya Sandiford Artest

Maya is a Canadian model who has now gained huge popularity because of being married to basketball player Metta Sandiford. Despite being married to such a huge figure she lives a private life.


Full Name Maya Sandiford Artest
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Model and Marketing manager
Nationality Canadian
Husband Metta Sandiford
Parents Hirata and Michelle
Brother Shay
Net worthUnknown

Early life

Born to Japanese parents who settled in Canada, Maya is the eldest of the couple’s two kids.

She had her high school and University education in Canada graduating from British Columbia with a bachelor’s in Multi Interdisciplinary studies.


Maya started as a model working for several agencies and also shot commercials for brands. Her modeling career gave her the biggest exposure and got her employed as the manager of one of Canada’s oldest fashion brands International fashions: Kersh and press.

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How did Maya Sandiford Artest meet her husband?

The lovers allegedly bumped into each during a program that had Metta in attendance, they became friends and later tied the knot in 2018.

They have currently been together for five years and the love keeps getting stronger every day with no sign of breaking up. Maya at the moment doesn’t have children of her own but is a stepmother to Metta’s kids from a previous relationship.

Maya Sandiford Artest net worth

Maya Sandiford Artest net worth isn’t known to the public at the moment, but looking at work as a model and also her current position in fashion she makes good money.

During her active days as a model, she did commercials for several big brands and also appeared on magazine’s front page which paid her a good amount of money.

Maya’s current position as a marketing manager pays her thousands of dollars due to her rich knowledge in that field and also bringing something new to the table

Meet Maya Sandiford artest husband and his controversial issues

Born Ronald Artest Williams Jr. on November 13, 1979. Just like colleagues, Artest began playing basketball at a very young age. He was part of his high school and college first selection anytime games was on and he put up excellent performances on the field.

Artest signed his first professional contract with the Chicago bulls where he gave his best in every game and earned some points. He left after three years for the Indiana Pacers, despite delivering well in every game.

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Artest had temper issues which saw him mostly engaging in fights on the field. Due to that he suffered suspensions on several occasions which put him out of action. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he began having misunderstandings with his team management and mates with the excuse of wanting to leave.

Artest then left for Sacramento where he played for two before departing to Houston rickets and played only a year. He then signed for the Los Angeles Lakers, and excelled from the start but had his career hampered with injuries causing him to be offloaded.

Artest afterward had short stints with many clubs like the New york knicks, Sichuan blue whales, Palacanestro Cantu and finally retired at San Diego kings.

Artest coached South bay Lakers king for a year.

His controversies and children

Artest throughout his career has been involved ins several controversies on and off the field.

During his active days on the court play, he gained huge notoriety for always fighting opponents coaches, and, players which saw him being suspended several times.

He once hit a fan who threw beer at him causing him to be suspended for 86 games.

He was also charged with battery on his ex-wife Kimsha during an argument, he was made to serve some days behind bars coupled with community work.

He is a proud father of four from his previous relationship.

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Some FAQs about Maya Sandiford Artest

how many children does maya sandiford artest have?

She doesn’t have children of her own but is a stepmother to his husband’s kids.

what does maya sandiford artest do?

She is a model and Marketing manager.

where does Maya sandiford artest come from?

She is a Canadian born to Japanese parents.