Willie Falcon Net Worth, Biography, Life Of Crime, Arrest And Deportation.


What Is Willie Falcon Net Worth As Of 2023?

Willie Falcon is a speedboat racer, a drug Kingpin, a web character, and a media celebrity in the United States. After being arrested in 1991 for dealing 70 tons of cocaine.

He became well-known across the country. Willie Falcon has started many administrative businesses. He also works for a private construction company. His victories in high-speed automobile racing are among his accomplishments.

Willie Falcon Net Worth is estimated to be around $ 55 million.

Let’s learn more about Willie Falcon Net Worth, Bio, career, arrest, and controversies.

Willie Falcon Wikipedia Summary

Full NameAugusto Guillermo Falcon
Birth DateSeptember 1, 1955
Age67 years
ProfessionDrug Kingpin, Entrepreneur
SpouseAlina Rossique (1958-1992)
ConvictionsIllegal Possession of a firearm(1997)
Money Laundering (2003)
Criminal Penalty22 years Imprisonment
Partner in CrimeSal Magluta
Willie Falcon Net Worth$55million approximately
Willie Falcon Net Worth


Augusto Willie Falcon was born on September 1, 1955, in Cuba to parents unknown to the media. He holds Cuban Nationality.

After attending a local non-public college in Cuba, He attended high school at Miami Senior High with his best friend Sal Magluta who later became his business partner.

While still in high school, the two began selling tiny amounts of cocaine and marijuana to supplement their income. They both decided to drop out of high school together.

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personal life

Augusto Willie Falcon was a married man. He was married to a woman named Alina Rossique. Willy Falcon and his wife have three children: Jessica Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and William Falcon.

Unfortunately, a tragic incident happened in 1992, Alina was shot and killed at Coral Gables Beauty Parlor. Her death rocked the community and still remains a mystery.

Sal Magluta And Willie Falcon

Falcon and Sal Magluta began building the company together. He also is in charge of the administrative sector.

These companies were established as a strategy to safeguard dirty money. He also participated in a lot of speedboat races. Despite often placing second in group races, he often took first place with Magluta.

Flacon and Magluta started trafficking marijuana with his best friend Magluta. He later switched to cocaine when he felt he had gained the skill to run his drug empire.

Falcon and Magluta covered almost all of Florida. Falcon meets with clients to make a deal, but with his charming personality, he cracks most of the deals. After the deal, if finalized, Magluta detailed the strategies to buy and sell the items.

They purchased drugs directly from the Medellin Cartel and supplied them to the nation. They established the largest Cocaine business in 1970-1980.

1996 trial

Magluta, along with his partner Falcon, was formally accused by a federal grand jury in 1991 of large drug trafficking crimes after many years of evading the police, including operating a continuing criminal enterprise charged with importing and distributing over 75 tons of cocaine.

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However, three witnesses who were to testify against them were murdered in the five years between their arrest and trial.

Both Magluta and Falcon were found not guilty after a lengthy trial before Judge Frederico Moreno.

Following the 1996 trial, the United States Attorney’s Office directed an Investigation into Magluta and Falcon’s finances that revealed that members of the jury had been bribed.

In 1999, prosecutors reconstructed a case charging Magluta and Falcon with ordering the deaths of three witnesses, bribing two of the jurors, and paying for that with laundered money.

In 1997, he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm.

Where Is Willie Falcon Now?

He consented to a guilty plea in 2003 for a 20-year sentence on one count of money laundering. As soon as he was released in 2017, ICE took him into custody.

He was deported to the Dominican Republic, where he stayed for a short period of time, as the Dominican Republic authorities did not want his residence in the country. He was forced to flee the country and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

net worth

The narcotics transactions and businesses of Willie Falcon were well compensated. His wealth allowed him to lead a lavish lifestyle. His motels, yachts, and posh bars are rumored to be venues for parties.

Willie Falcon net worth is estimated to be around $55 million in 2023.

facts about willie falcon

Falcon and his partner Magluta are the subjects of the 2021 documentary  Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami.

Rick Ross’s single, Little Havana, released December 2, 2021, opens with an audio clip of Falcon. Video below.

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FAQs about Willie Falcon.

who is willie falcon’s partner?

Will Falcon’s partner was his best friend from school Sal Magluta

how many tons of cocaine did they Distribute?

Falcon and Magluta distributed over 75 tons of cocaine.

what is willie falcon net worth?

Willie Falcon net worth is estimated to be around $55 million in 2023.