Rob McElhenney Net Worth: career, health issue, and personal life.


Rob McElhenney net worth as an actor, writer, podcaster, and businessman currently sits at $ 50 million. The actor together with green lantern star Ryan Reynold purchased the Wrexham football club for $ 2.5 million. The duo is currently on a mission to see the Welsh team compete in big English and European tournaments after they last made an appearance 15 years ago. The article won’t be centered around Rob McElhenney net worth only but also give readers the chance to know more about his early life, career, health issue, and personal life.

Who is Rob McElhenney?

Rob is an American actor, writer, and businessman who is best known for his role in the series ”It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. He doubles as a sports enthusiast who currently owns a team with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.


Full Name Robert McElhenney III
Date of birth April 14, 1977
Age 46 years
Nationality American
Profession Comedian, Writer, Businessman
Parents Helena McElhenney and Robert McElhenney
Siblings Four
CousinMarcus McElhenney
Wife Kaitlin Olson
KidsAxel Lee and Leo Grey
Net worth $ 50 million

early life

Rob was born on April 14, 1977, to Helen and Robert Mcelhenney Snr in Philadelphia state. He together with his junior brothers were raised by their parents till their divorce which led to his father remarrying. Rob grew up in an LGBTQ home as both his mother and brothers came out of the closet along the line. Rob had his all education from basic level to University level in Philadelphia.

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Rob began his acting career by playing minor roles which his first onscreen appearance was in The Devils Own where he had the honor of working with the legendary Harrison Ford. He then appeared in Dick Wolf’s series Law and Order which shot him into the limelight where he started earning call-ups for bigger roles.

Rob then linked up with fellow comedian Glenn Howerton whom they both collaborated on the comedy series ”It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. The series caught the interest of many television stations who volunteered to broadcast as it became people’s favorite.

After the show gained strong grounds and became one of the most watched, Rob worked on other movie projects such as Fargo and Mythic Quest. The Mythic Quest show which was produced by Rob’s collaboration with Apple TV+ was centered around video games.

Health issue

Robert McElhenney beyond the many smiles and always entertaining his fans battles a learning disorder coupled with neurodevelopmental disorders. He underwent a colonoscopy procedure in which three small polyps were detected in his body. Thanks to the timely intervention of the doctors, it was treated to prevent it from turning cancerous in the future. To maintain a healthy physique, Rob embarked on a strict dieting routine with vigorous exercise which saw him shred a lot of weight.

personal life

Rob married fellow comedian Kaitlin Olson whom she met on set on the set of the series movie “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. They are currently blessed with two kids Axel Lee and Leo Grey.

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rob mcElhenney net worth

Rob McElhenney net worth currently sits at $ 50 million, probably one of the smartest comedians looking at the many investments he has done. Together with Ryan Reynolds, they both own football club Wrexham Welsh football club which they plan of making it one of the best European teams in the years to come.

He is also a co-founder of the entertainment tech company Adim which he owns with Chase Rosenblatt, Melissa Kaspers, Spencer Marell, and Richard Rosenblat. The company is geared at nurturing new talents in content creation, writers, artists, designers, and developers. They are on a mission to change both the tech and entertainment scene and bring in a new set of ideas.

He together with his wife owns a bar called Mac’s Tavern where all kinds of drinks are sold. He lived with his family in San Fernando Valley neighborhood inside a mansion worth over $ 2 million but has currently put it up for sale.

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Some FAQS about Rob McElhenney

what is Rob McElhenney net worth in 2023?

His net worth currently sits at $ 50 million.

what are Rob McElhenney children names?

They are called Axel Lee and Leo Grey.