Viper net worth: career, near-death experience, and family


Viper net worth is currently estimated to be around $ 1 million made from his shows and features. Showbiztom has been able to gather some amazing facts beyond viper net worth you would love to read.

Some of these topics you would read about are his career, near-death experience, and family.

Who is Viper?

He is a rapper and producer who has been in the industry for over two decades and is regarded as one of the pioneers of cloud rap.


Real Name Lee Arthur Carter
Nickname Viper
Date of birth7th October 1971
Age 51years
Partner Unknown
Children Four
Brother Greg carter
Profession Rapper, actor& producer
Net worth $ 1 million

Early life

Born and raised in the USA on 7th October 1971 to a pastor and educationist, viper discovered his passion for music at a very young age which he learnt the playing musical instruments.


Viper’s first onscreen debut was made possible by his brother who cast him in the felony movie ”fifth ward” which was about a young man seeking revenge for the assassins of his brother.

After the movie, he came up with his first EP titled Hustlin’Thick which record label Dope house records assisted him with features. Viper then began the cloud rap which he released his first rap song ”9900 Haters on the wall” unfortunately the song couldn’t make a hit in the music scene.

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He then came up with his second album ”You’ ‘ll Cowards Don’t even smoke crack” which emerged as one of his most successful albums appearing on all digital platforms. It was also played on several media platforms and many were amazed by his excellent rap skills.

Since making it into the music scene, Viper has currently released countless albums which has ear-pleasing singles on it doing pretty well on the digital space. It has also paved way for him to collaborate with several talents and also produced several hits songs.

Meet Viper’s family

His ex-partners and children

Viper seems not to be lucky with relationships as his first two relationships ended up due to unreconcilable differences that weren’t made available to the public.

With these two former relationships, he had three kids with the unknown two women before parting ways with them.

He is currently dating an unknown woman whom he has one child with although the gender of the child isn’t yet known.

His brother

Born Nesta Gregory Carter but normally uses Greg Carter in showbiz, he is the biological big brother of Viper. Unlike his brother, he pursued a career in script writing and movie production which he has so far produced and written over twenty movies to credit.

He produced a true life story lap dance which was about his personal life experience of his fiancé taking up a job as a stripper.

Another trait of Greg that makes him stand out amongst other producers is he isn’t selective about the kind of people he works with and doesn’t discriminate. He is of the motion that everyone deserves a push to reach his targets in his life so, therefore, he usually casts the people living in the deprived parts of Houston in his movies.

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His good work has also earned him the best producer award on several occasions.

near-death experience

Viper nearly lost his life to pneumonia in 2016 due to the wearing of female shapewear which has become more of his trademark. It had to take the timely intervention of the medical practitioners to get him back on his feet.

Viper net worth

Viper net worth currently sits at $ 1 million a chunk of which comes from his songs being featured on digital platforms.

His album ”You’ ‘ll Cowards Don’t even smoke crack” was one of his highest streamed which brought him thousands of dollars. He has also made some money from the production of music.

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Some FAQs about Viper

who is viper’s current partner?

Viper’s partner is unknown in the public space but they share a child together.

what illness nearly killed viper?

Pneumonia due to the wearing of female shapewear.

is viper related to Producer greg carter?

Yes he is the junior brother of Greg.