Larry storch net worth: career, family, legacy, and cause of death


Larry storch net worth as of 2023 is estimated at around $ 1 million after a successful career spanning over eight decades.

Beyond Larry Storch net worth we shall also talk about his career, family, legacy, and cause of death. Grab yourself a chilled drink as I take you through this exciting piece.

Who is Larry Storch?

He was a comedian and voiceover actor who featured in several movies and was also the voiceover in many animated series. His comedy career also saw him perform on many grand stages and tours.


Real Name Lawrence Samuel Storch
Nickname Larry Storch
Date of birth 8th January 1923
Death 8th July 2022
Nationality American
Wife Norma Catherine Greve
Children Candace Herman, Larry May, June cross
Grandchildren five
Great Grandchildren four
Brother Jay Lawrence
Net worth$ 1 million

Early life

Larry was born and raised in New York to a driver father called Alfred and a shopkeeper Sally alongside his junior brother Jay.

His educational dreams were cut short due to financial constraints caused by a global recession that rocked the whole country in the early 90s. He then joined the USA army team to ease the financial burden.


Larry began his entertainment career as an onscreen comedian where he was mostly featured in movie projects to make people laugh. Some television series he made appearances on are The Alfred Hitchcock hour, All in the family, and F Troop. Due to his funny persona onscreen, he had the honor of appearing in many television series which even won him a nomination at the Emmys.

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Larry then came up with his reality show program called the Larry Storch Show and appeared in Playboy after dark.

His voiceover skills was also top-notch which earned him recognition from the Warner bros company which in turn made him play the voiceover in many animated series such as Mr. Mandelbaum in Garfield, pink panther, Cool cats, and Treasure Island.

A many of great versatility he also appeared in some action and blockbuster movies such as ”without warning” and ”gun fever”.

Larry also worked with some drama groups during their onstage performances at the theatre, which had thousands of people in attendance. He also did a few comedy songs which contained funny jargons to entertain his fans.


Larry was honored for his great impact in comedy at the Palm springs walk of stars during his presence at the Comedy store in L.A.

Meet his family

His brother

Born Jay Storch on 24th June 1924, but later picked up the showbiz name Jay Lawrence . He was the junior brother of Larry who also had a very good career in comedy, voiceover, and acting.

After years of working on projects such as Heavy traffic, Young at heart, and a Cry of the hunted, he passed away on June 18, 1987, after battling a strange illness.

His late wife and children

Larry married actress Norma Catherine in 1961 after meeting on set and dating for a while. The couple welcomed their only child Candace Herman in 1948 with Norma having two kids Larry May, and June cross which Larry played a fatherly role in their lives.

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Norma passed away on August 28, 2003, after a long battle with cancer.

Larry Storch cause of death

Larry gave up the ghost on June 2022 due to complications of Alzheimer’s he was battling. His daughter June cross broke the news to the public on her Instagram page june_cross which saw millions of his fans pouring in their condolence words to him.

Larry Storch net worth

Larry Storch net worth is $ 1 million made from his many years onstage and also onscreen. He was reportedly paid thousands of dollars anytime he played the voiceover character for an animation project.

He also made millions from the comedy and action movies starred in.

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Some FAQs about Larry Storch

how many biological kids did larry storch have?

He had only one Candace Herman, Larry May, June cross were his stepchildren.

what age did larry storch die?

He died at the age of 99years.

what killed norma catherine?

She died of cancer.