Tom smothers obituary: career, family, net worth, feud with bill Cosby, and suit


Tom Smothers obituary is what many die-hard fans of the comedian and singer are dying to see, but the question is, is Tom Smothers dead as speculated?

The answer would be given in our write of Tom Smothers obituary article today, we shall also look at his career, family, net worth, feud with bill Cosby, and lawsuit against CBS network. Trust me you would love everything about this article after reading.

Who is Tom Smothers?

Tom is a veteran American comedian and singer of the music group The smothers brothers alongside his brother Dick. Beyond his talent for entertaining people, he is very popular for getting involved in controversial stuff.


Full Name Thomas Bolyn Smothers III
Nickname Tom Smothers
Date of birth 2nd February 1937
Age 86years
Nationality American
Siblings Dick, Sherry
Wife Marcy Carriker
Children Thomas, Bo, and Riley rose
Grandchildren Phoenix Parrish
Net worth $ 10 million

Early life

Tom was born in New York and raised in California by a housewife mother and a military personal father. He was very good in the game of gymnastics and cycling which he had the opportunity of representing his school at tournaments and indoor games.

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Tom together with his brother formed the Smothers brothers group which entertained fans with their music and comedy talents onstage. They then came up with their television series ”The Smothers brothers television series” which was aired on CBS.

They then partnered with the late John Lennon and worked together on a few music projects.

Tom then branched into movie acting where he made appearances in several movies such as Silver bears, Get to know your rabbits, There goes the bride, and pandemonium. Tom also played the voiceover character in many animated series like Simpsons and the beer who slept through Christmas. His exceptional onscreen performance won him the prestigious Emmy award.

Meet his family

His brother

Born Richard Remick Smothers on November 20, 1938, Dick is the younger brother of Tom with whom they all grew up under the same roof together.

He partnered with his brother to form the Smothers brothers group which later had its television show and also produced comedy-music songs. Despite their talent, they have been tagged as a very controversial duo due to their acerbic tone in addressing issues.

He is happily married with six children.

His wife and children

Tom is a two-time divorcee who finally settled down with Marcy Carriker and has two kids with her called Bo, and Riley rose. Tom has an elderly son Tom smothers Jr with his ex-wife.

feud with bill cosby

Tom was engaged in fisticuff with colleague comedian Bill Cosby at the residence of playboy owner Hugh Hefner. The two were said not to be seeing eye to eye as Cosby disliked Tom’s style of addressing social and political issues.

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At the party, Tom provoked Cosby which led to him throwing a punch at him, Hugh the organizer had to step in and separate them. The two veteran comedians couldn’t patch up their differences till date.

The lawsuit against the CBS network

Tom alongside his brother took the CBS network on when they removed their program The Smothers Hour Comedy hour from their platform. The network was not pleased with the way the brothers approached political and social issues which were somehow against their code of ethics.

They gain huge notoriety of also tackling very sensitive topics which were also against the terms and conditions of the television network. It eventually ended up in court and after months of back and forth, the Smothers brothers won the case.

Tom smothers net worth

Tom’s net worth is currently estimated at around $ 10 million made from his comedy and acting career. The veteran actor in his prime worked on several television projects including The Smothers brothers television series which fetched him lots of money.

Tom also makes millions from his vineyard which has been responsible for providing their wineries with fresh organic grapes. As of 2019, he put up the vineyard for sale at $ 13 million.

Tom Smothers obituary

Rumors about his death circulated online which had many rushing to read Tom Smothers obituary, unfortunately, the rumor turned out to be false. Tom is alive and kicking.

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Some FAQs about Tom Smothers

Why was tom smothers banned from cBS?

Tom was banned because of the use of harsh words when addressing political matters.

how many kids does tom smothers have?

He has three kids namely Thomas, Bo, and Riley rose.

what is tom smothers net worth?

Tom’s net worth as of 2023 is $ 10 million.

did tom smothers die?

No news about his death was a hoax