What did Cameron Herrin do and where is he now?


They say ‘at your highest moment, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you’, That is the sad story of the young man Cameron Herrin who mistakenly run his car into a mother and daughter during his graduation celebration. A mistaken murderer due to reckless driving as the law would term it, he is currently paying a huge price for that in jail.

In our article today, we shall take you through how the whole incident occurred, his current destination, and a bit of his personal life. Try and read till the end you can pick a lot of life lessons from it.


Full NameCameron Coyle Herrin
Date of birth9th September 1999
ParentsChris and Cheryl Herrin
Crime Overspeeding and Vehicle manslaughter

Who is cameron herrin?

He is a young American who was born on September 9, 1999, to a father called Chris Herrin and his mother Cheryl Herrin who were said to be middle income earners doing well for themselves. Cameron has always had a strong love for automobile cars and learned how to drive right from a young age.
After completing his high school education at Tampa Catholic School, his parents rewarded him with a brand new car which he used to cruise around in his vicinity.

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what did cameron herrin do?

On the fateful day of May 2018, he and his friend John Barrineau were racing on Bayshore Boulevard with his elder brother Tristan with him in the car. Due to the overexcitement of both parties behind the wheel, they put their cars at a high speed of 216 mph which resulted in them running into a mother who was pushing her daughter in a stroller.

The victim Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt a young mother and her 21-month-old daughter couldn’t save themselves from the over speeding of the teenagers and died instantly on the spot due to the serious injuries sustained. Deep checks revealed it was a habitual thing of Cameron who anytime he hits the streets goes beyond the necessary speed limits.

where is cameron herrin now?

The situation was a big blow to Jessica’s family especially his partner David Raubenolt who couldn’t hold back his tears describing it as one of his most painful life experiences. Both Cameron and his friend were arraigned before law court and charged with overspeeding alongside murder. His brother Tristan was fortunate to be cleared of charges due to not being the one behind the steering wheel.

John Barrineau the accomplice was given 6 years in jail with 15 years probation whilst Cameroon was scheduled for 30 years in jail but had the state advocating for it to be dropped to 18 years due to him being too young for that. It was a really sad experience considering his young age which had millions of people signing an online petition for his jail sentence to be dropped.

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Despite the many signatures gathered their plea fell on deaf ears and the law won. The judge who sat on the case gave him 24 years after rescinding his decision on the 30 years in jail due to Cameron having a clean criminal record. He is currently serving his jail sentence at the Graceville Correctional Facility in Graceville, Florida.

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Some FAQS about Cameron Herrin

how was old was cameron when he was jailed?

He was 18 years old as of the time of his jail.

which prison is he currently serving his jail sentence?

He is at the Graceville Correctional Facility in Graceville in Florida.