Ross Capicchioni: Who Was His Shooter? How Did He Survive 3 Gunshot Wounds?


Ross Capicchioni is an American activist. He rose to prominence after surviving 3 gunshots and a victim of a violent crime scene. As per his statement, Ross was taken to a dark neighborhood in Detroit’s and shot by his own friend.

The story of his survival was hard and extreme which shows the determination and willingness to survive. Definitely, he is a motivation for those who have given up on their lives

Who Is Ross Capicchioni?

Ross Capicchion is a survivor of a gun shooting; he was shot three times from a close range, but miraculously survived. He was only 17 years old when this happened. We will talk more about the incident later in the article.

Brief Biography

There is not so much information online about Ross’s background or early life, but we do know that he was born on March 21, 1990, and is from Macomb Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He grew up in the neighborhood and had friends like any normal teenager.

How Was He Shot And By Who?

In 2007, Ross Capicchion was just a high school student in an average Detroit high school with a family who loved him and many friends.

On the fateful day of the incident, Ross was at home when a friend approached him and asked for a ride to a cousin’s house on the east side of the city. Ross declined, but after several requests and persuasions, he agreed to take him, not knowing he was taking a potential murderer with him.

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Ross Capicchion later revealed in an interview that he initially declined his friend’s request because the crime rate in Detroit at that time was more than three and a half times the national average. He also stated that if anything happened to you, the police, the police would not stop, and if shots were fired, they would wait until everything was cleared up before picking your body up off the street.

Capicchioni was driving when his friend gave him a guide through the rugged streets of eastside Detroit. As they approached their destination, the friend asked him to stop at the back of a house, which he did. They got out of the car, and while he was still taking his surroundings, he heard the first shot that landed on his left arm.

In shock, Ross Capicchion looked up and saw his friend standing about ten feet away with a shotgun pointed at him. He nursed his already bleeding arm, turned around, and asked his supposed friend, “Did you shoot at me? The question had barely left his mouth when the second shot was fired, this time it landed on his chest, creating a large gaping hole in Ross’ chest.

Ross Capicchion remembered what happened and said he was still trying to understand what happened when his friend fired the third shot, which hit him in the head and he fell. He remembered looking up at his friend, who stared back at him before hitting him in the mouth with the butt of his gun, taking his car keys, and driving away in Ross’s car.

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Despite his wounds, Ross said he was still conscious and could watch his friend drive away in his jeep, leaving him there to die.

How did He Survive?

It was a miracle; bleeding, refusing to pass out, Ross made a few steps on his own when his so-called friend stole his car keys and drove off, leaving him to die. He never surrendered, and in time was found by a police officer who was passing by. Ross was rushed to the hospital and on arrival he was pronounced dead, but the medics managed to bring him back to life. Following the revival and surgeries, Ross opened his eyes three days after the incident.

He couldn’t remember anything that happened at first, but has regained his memory over time. The recovery period began, and Ross passed without any major complications. The name of his shooter has never been revealed to the media, and all we know is that he is two years younger than Ross. The reason for trying to kill Ross was a gang initiation the police got to him soon after the shooting, and following a trial, Ross’ shooter was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

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Life After the Incident

Growing up, Ross was interested in skateboarding; following the recovery he took it up once again, and began honing his skills. This time around, it not only helped him physically but also mentally to overcome all the problems. He put all efforts into succeeding as a professional skateboarder, and is now a member of the skateboarding team TCMT. For now, there isn’t more information about his career, but very possibly Ross may make a name for himself.

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Ross Capicchioni Social Media Presence

Over the years, Ross has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially on Facebook, though he can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. His official Facebook page  has over 40,000 followers, with whom he has shared his thoughts, ideas and opinions, while also sharing his recent professional endeavors.

He is also quite active on Instagram, with over 5,000 followers, while on Twitter he has just over 2,500 loyal fans.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of Ross Capicchioni, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages, and see what he is up to next, both personally and professionally.

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