S3fa refutes claims of having firm buttocks and demonstrates their softness during the Guinness Accratravaganza.


Ghanaian singer S3fa recently performed live at the Guinness Accratravaganza to display her ability and dispel misconceptions about her body. There had been conjecture regarding the nature of her rear, but S3fa refuted these claims, demonstrating that her buttocks are, in fact, soft.

With her electric performance at the Guinness Accratravaganza, one of the most anticipated events on the entertainment calendar, S3fa had the ideal venue on which to correct misconceptions. She took centre stage and left the audience in complete awe of her musical skills.

Apart from providing a wonderful musical performance, S3fa used the chance to confront the baseless gossip about her body with poise and assurance. She proved that her buttocks are soft, ending the rumours once and for all.

To further her case, S3fa asked a fan in the audience to testify to the tenderness of her buttocks, eliciting a flurry of shouts and cries.

S3fa’s respectful answer and evident talent acted as a forceful counter-argument to the rumours, underlining the significance of focusing on an artist’s artistry rather than physical beauty.

S3fa, known for her soulful vocals, compelling stage presence, and contagious enthusiasm, established her position as one of Ghana’s most promising artists with her performance at the Guinness Accratravaganza, earning her plaudits from both fans and critics.

The Guinness Accratravaganza, sponsored by the well-known stout brand Guinness, offered a multifaceted experience that united Accra’s varied populations of gourmets, music fans, fashionistas, sports enthusiasts, and supporters of the arts and culture who value the superior flavour and spirit of the iconic black liquid.

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The event, which included a variety of performances, featured the skills of well-known performers like the timeless hip-hop group R2Bees and Ghana’s up-and-coming pop sensation Olive The Boy, in addition to intriguing new acts like Crispen, Yaw Darling, Chayuta, Romeo Swag, Demmi, and Afro Genix.

All in all, The Guinness Accratravaganza brought people from all walks of life together to enjoy music, culture, and the rich legacy of Ghanaian talent, making it an amazing night of entertainment and celebration.