What killed Mickey Mouse? The TikTok Trend Explained


Avid TikTokers may have recently seen the “What killed Mickey Mouse” trend on the platform. Trends go viral on the platform all the time, and right now, it is the “What killed Mickey Mouse” trend that has caught the attention of TikTokers.

Thousands of people are making videos on the trend as they react to the search results of “What killed Mickey Mouse.”

According to the Fandom Wiki, Mickey Mouse allegedly died of a heart explosion or disintegration

At the Fandom site’s List of Deaths Wiki  (a wiki documenting the death lists in movies, series, and games), Mickey Mouse encounters a few ‘death scenarios’ in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

In one instance, he is killed after his heart explodes and in another case, he is crushed underneath a falling tower. Other kinds of death include being disintegrated, either after separating from Minnie or when the Beast yells at him. But Mickey Mouse is revived after the disintegration.

However, this death list is not meant to be taken seriously as it counts the potential death scenes faced by all the characters in the show’s episodes.

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How Are Fans Reacting?

Well, if you haven’t watched the entire Mickey Mouse, it’s easy to fall prey to such Google results. Some of the shocking reactions from people who made videos on “What Killed Mickey Mouse”, include: “mg that hurts so bad childhood memories,” and “I regret searching.” “I searched it up and I’m now crying,” said another. Actually traumatized me.”

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Even though these videos have spread like wildfire, please note that the cartoon character’s makers haven’t declared anything about the character’s death or its cause. Such information is available in fandom pages on these viral TikTok videos that remain unverified. This means that the results such as, “Mickey Mouse died from a heart explosion” or “disintegrated when the Beast yelled at him”, seem to be a hoax

Has The Show Ended?

The show has not ended and continues on Disney+. At the moment, the journey of Mickey and his friends continues in ‘The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.’

It is produced by Paul Rudish, the man behind famous cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and more.

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What killed Mickey Mouse FAQs

What Killed Mickey Mouse?

The trend of Mickey Mouse dying in 2023 is taking over TikTok and some people have reportedly found what killed the Disney character stating that Mickey’s heart supposedly “exploded,” causing the mascot’s untimely end, while others say Wednesday Addams killed Mickey after the eponymous Netflix series became a global phenomenon.

How Did Mickey Mouse Die?

Mickey Mouse reportedly died “when his heart exploded” and “disintegrated when the Beast yelled at him, well that is according to the trends.

Does Mickey Mouse have Kids?

No, Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse that has served as The Walt Disney Company’s mascot for many years.