Who is Jaylen Fleer and where is he now?


Jaylen Fleer was a deputy police officer who made headlines in 2020 for engaging in sexual relationships with underage girls. The 27-year-old security personnel after being grilled by the law confessed to over 20 charges which shocked the whole police fraternity. In our article today, we shall look at the aftermath of the whole court proceedings and also gist you on his whereabouts.

who is jaylen fleer?

Jaylen is a young ambitious American guy who just like any determined youth set his future prospects on the bigger picture ahead. To make his dream become a reality, he worked very hard in the game of baseball till he became a pro in it. In both high school and college he was a very instrumental figure in the school team and always thrilled his coaches with his committed and determined nature on the field. With his huge influence on the field of play, many thought he would be the next Alex Rodriguez or Justin Verlander representing in big games and winning trophies.

Jaylen took many by surprise when he switched careers and went into the security occupation where he held the deputy sheriff position in San Diego at a very young age. With such a sensitive position and also being in charge of people’s safety, Jaylen, unfortunately, indulged in a criminal act that saw him scrutinized by the law. Well, many supported his punishment because they felt as someone who knows the laws you should know where to draw the line.

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Where Is Jaylen Fleer Now and what was his crime?

Jaylen is currently serving 12 years imprisonment after being caught engaging in sexual relationships with underage girls with his sheriff position stripped off him. He allegedly lured these minors with money and made sure they remained mute after the multiple sexual acts.

The girls were reportedly to be as young as the ages of 14-16 which the law saw as pedophile on the side of Jaylen. After being put under strict scrutiny by the San Diego court, he finally admitted to the 20 charges sexual charges against him. His lawyer David P. Shapiro used all his law tactics to get him bailed out but all proved futile, he then issued a statement on behalf of his client apologizing to the affected victims and also the police department.

The judge who sat on the case was completely dismayed by the horrendous act and described it as one of the most disgusting cases he has ever seen in his entire law practice. What even took him by great surprise was the fact that it was coming from someone who holds such a sensitive position. The issue was published on the CBS 8 twitter page with the name CBS8 and other media outlets.

who is jaylen fleer’s wife?

Jaylen Fleer despite his pedophile nature outside was rumored to be happily married with one child although the media never got the chance to get pictures of his family. With him currently facing a long-term jail, we have no idea whether the wife would finally call it quits or still continue being with him. Well, it really going to be a herculean task on her side footing the house bills and and also raising their son. But whatever been the case we hope she doesn’t break down and pull through.

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what is the name of jaylen fleer’s wife?

Details about her wife isn’t known to the public.

does jaylen fleer have a child?

Yes he is a father of one.