Paul Wall net worth: career, surgery and arrest


Paul Wall net worth currently sits at $ 12.5 million made from his over 15 years in the music industry and also smart investments.

Our article beyond Paul Wall net worth will also look at his career, family, domestic violence, and arrest for drug possession. I hope you find this article exciting as you read.

Who is Paul wall?

Paul is an American rapper and businessman known for the song ”still Tippin” and is also a close friend of rapper Chamillionaire. After dropping many singles, he has himself involved in many controversies.


Real Name Paul Michael Slayton
Nickname Paul Wall
Date of birth 11 March 1981
Age 42years
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, Businessman, Disc jockey, and songwriter
Wife Crystal Wall
Children William Patrick and Noelle
Net worth $12.5million

Early life

Born and raised in Houston on March 11, 1981, he discovered his talent in music at a very young age. He had his high school and tertiary in Houston graduating with a degree in mass communication.

He began his career in the Houston community as a Dj and show promoter where he was able to work with several record labels.


Paul in his early rap journey met Chamillionaire whom they became friends and started recording freestyles. They joined the Swishahouse record label under the guidance of Michael ”5000” Watts whom they were able to impress with their rap freestyles. Their mixtape ”Choppin Em Up Part 2” became a household name and was played on almost all radio stations in the Houston community.

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They then formed the Color Changin’ Click music group and every single they released was a banger drawing the attention of sponsors to come and assist them. The group’s album Get Ya mind correct sold over a hundred thousand copies.

Paul wall then left to pursue solo projects in which he excelled greatly in, most of his features and individual singles enjoyed a lot of massive airplay. His album The Peoples Champ topped the billboard 200 charts for many days. His featured on rapper Nelly’s song ”Grillz” was also one of the most played songs taking the first position on the music charts and also earned a Grammy nomination.

Paul then embarked on a worldwide tour which was completely sold out with thousands of people attending.

He then branched into movie acting and had the honor of appearing in several movie projects like ”I hope they serve beer in hell”, ”furnace”, and ”The holy spoof”.

Domestic violence

Paul Wall and his gang assaulted Rasaq Seriki the brother of his friend Chamilioniare in a nightclub after a misunderstanding.

The action didn’t sit well with Chamilionaire who expressed his greatest displeasure. They buried the hatchet years later during a music tour.

Paul wall surgery

Paul at a point wasn’t comfortable with his obese nature and underwent gastric bypass surgery to shred off some fat.

The decision was motivated by his doctor who revealed the health consequences of being too obese to him. Scared for his life he resorted to undergoing the surgery which afterward made him 100 pounds lighter.

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Arrest for drug possession

Paul alongside his friend baby bash were arrested in a shop after being accused of possession of illicit drugs.

Paul was there to organize a party for the less privileged kids, after investigations, he was found guilty and had the charges against him dismissed.

Personal life

Paul has been married for the past 18 years now to professional dance fitness trainer and entrepreneur Crystal Walls.

She played a very instrumental role in her husband’s weight loss journey. They are blessed with two kids William Patrick and Noelle.

Paul Wall Net worth

Paul Wall Net worth currently sits at $ 12.5 million thanks to his many business ventures invested in.

He has investments in Jewellery which he does in partnership with Johnny dang and has made grills for several prominent personalities.

Paul has shares in deluxe vodka which he markets occasionally on his social media handle. The vodka brand is one of the hottest commodities in the beverage market and brings him lots of money annually.

He also makes money from his marijuana company Satellite OG and endorsements with marijuana brands Trippy Stix, Santa Cruz shredder, and Gold Leaf.

Paul owns a clothing line that is doing pretty well in the market. He lives in a $ 2 million mansion with his family in Texas.

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Some FAQS about Paul wall

what is paul wall net worth?

Paul wall net worth is currently $12.5million

is paul wall still friends with chamillionaire?

Yes the two buried the hatchet in 2010 after years of beefing.