Liz Cheney net worth: early life, career, family, feud with Trump, and feud with her sister


Liz Cheney net worth will be our topic of discussion for today, I know her surname would sound very familiar in your ears and yes your guess is good as mine. Liz is the elderly daughter of ex-vice President Dick Cheney and second lady Lynne Cheney. Probably one of the most privileged kids in the world looking at the enviable position held by her parents.

In our article today, we shall not only talk about Liz Cheney net worth but also look at her early life, career, family, feud with Trump, and feud with her sister. Trust me this article will be worth every time spent reading it, relax back in your chair and enjoy.


Full Name Elizabeth Lynne Cheney
Date of birthJuly 28th,1966
Age56 years
ParentsDick Cheney and Lynne Cheney
SisterMary Cheney
HusbandPhilip Perry
Children Five
OccupationLegal practitioner, Politician
Net worth$20 million

Early life

Born and raised in Wisconsin state to politician Dick Cheney and author Lynne Cheney, she is the elderly of the couple’s two kids. She schooled up to the tertiary level graduating with a Doctor of Jurisprudence in law making her eligible to practice law.

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By dint of hard work and also being privileged to be born to parents of very high prestige, Liz had the honor of working in several big state institutions. Her first place of work was with the State Department before moving on to work as a Legal practitioner which is her field with top international institutions.

She was also very instrumental in the reelection of his father’s during his second time and made sure she campaigned massively and broadcasted their good policies.

To continue the legacy of his father, Liz launched a bid to contest the US Senate seat but later pulled out of the race due to personal issues. She then contested the us house of Representatives seat in Wyoming, a position once held by his father. She held the position for six years before finally being overthrown by Harriet Hageman in 2022.

Feud with sister

Liz joined the bandwagon of people who always criticized the LGBTQ movement and described it as awkward although her kid sister Mary was a lesbian. On many platforms she mounted and interviews she attended she never hid her displeasure towards the movement an act Trump also hates with passion.

This led to Mary and her wife Heather Poe calling Liz out on social media despite their close relationship. She reportedly after the ordeal fell out with both her sister and father Dick Cheney who was also a strong supporter of same-sex marriage.

After some years, Liz came out again to openly apologize for her opposing same-sex an act which made Mary very proud of her

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feud with Trump

Liz seems to be one of the people who detested Trump and his policies as the two never saw eye to eye and were always throwing subliminal jabs at each other. She described Trump as a violent person for having a hand in the capitol attack to distract the swearing-in of Joe Biden. This led to her launching a campaign to impeach him and also had the Trump supporters coming at her and also calling for her removal.

Trump then brought her candidate Harriet Hageman who defeated her in the primaries. Liz maintained that her actions were all borne out of her pledge made to defend the good people of Wyoming and help maintain their culture.


meet her parents

Liz was born to politician Dick Cheney and author Lynne Anne who have both made a great impact in the political space. Dick before his vice presidential position held the position of the House of Representatives and also Secretary of Defense. He served as a vice to President Bush from 2001-2009.

Meet her sister

Mary Cheney the youngest sister of Liz Cheney was born on 14th March 1969 in Wisconsin state. Just like her big sister, she has worked in several state institutions and also played a very huge role in his father’s reelection in the 2004 election. She is an open lesbian and is married to Heather Poe and have two kids together.

Meet her husband and Children

Liz has been married to Philip Perry for the past 30 years and are blessed with five children. Just like her wife, Philip works as a senior legal practitioner and also a politician who served during the Bush administration. Philip has used her position as a legal practitioner to rule over several big cases

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Liz cheney net worth

Liz Cheney net worth currently sits at $20 million made from her many years in the law field and also the political world. Despite being born to very successful parents, Liz hustled her way through and has been able to make a huge fortune for herself.

She was earning a hefty salary of $174,00 during her time as a House of Representative. She also made thousands of dollars from her book “Exceptional: Why The World Needs a Powerful America” which she co-authored with her father.

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FAQs about Liz Cheney

what is liz cheney net worth?

Liz Cheney net worth is currently $20 million

what does liz cheney husband do?

He is a legal practitioner and also a politician

what is the current relationship between liz and mary cheney?

The two siblings buried the hatchet and are very cool now.