Kenneth McGriff net worth, career and jail imprisonment


Kenneth McGriff net worth is $50 million as of the year 2023. Ken made headlines as a very notorious drug lord in the United States of America in the early 2000s. He was also accused as been the mastermind behind many death cases and also behind the shooting of rapper 50 cent.

In today’s article, we shall not only look at Kenneth McGriff net worth but also delve much deeper into his early life, criminal activities, and jail.


Full NameKenneth McGriff
Date of birthSeptember 19, 1960
Age62 years
ProfessionDrug trafficker, Bandit
Allegation Drug trafficking, assassination
SanctionLife in jail
Net worth$50 million

Kenneth McGriff Early life

Born and raised in Baisley park houses to working-class parents, Ken is the second of his parent’s three kids.

In school, he joined a group of people called the five percent nation who were of the view that African-Americans deserved to be rulers.

His affiliation with the group earned him the nickname Supreme.

Kenneth McGriff Criminal activities

Ken along the line met with the Snr drug lord called fat cat who stayed in the same vicinity with him. Inspired by his drug trafficking activities, Ken then went to form his group called Supreme Team based inside Baisely park houses.

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The supreme team within a short time of creation become one of the most popular and troublesome gangs in the Baisley park hood. They engaged in all kinds of social vices including the selling and buying of drugs, murdering, arm robbery, and money laundering.

Ken along the line introduced many young guys into the drug business which they dominated the Baisley park heavily. A smart chap, he secured the environs and made sure he had an alert anytime the FDI came around for surveying.

Due to that, it was very tough finding his exact location, as he gave all the young guys in the hood freebies making them deny knowing him.

Ken was finally nabbed in 1985 after being caught having illicit drugs under his sleeves, he was made to serve a two-year jail. Whilst away, his Nephew Miller took over the leadership rule which his style of ruling was more barbaric and inhumane. As with the less provocation you would either have your life taken away from you or be made to go through very tedious punishment.

Kenneth was released in 1987 but rearrested again for Continuing criminal enterprise but had his jail sentence reduced to 12 years. He was released after a few years with the assurance that he was a changed person.

Kenneth then decided to venture into acting and camera works to keep himself busy. He then befriended producer Irv Gotti who decided to help him make a name in the movie industry. His partnership with Irv also paved way for him to come in contact with several celebrities who he more or less became like their bodyguard to them.

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He then saw to the shooting of the movie Crime Partners which had a lot of A-list stars such as Ice-T, Jah rule, and Snoop Dogg. Kenneth along the line planned of uniting his colleague in murder Inc Jah rule and 50 cent as the duo didn’t see eyes and were always attacking themselves lyrically.

50Cent turned a deaf ear to the plea and continued to still diss Jah rule and Kenneth in his songs till he was attacked by unknown gunmen who shoot him nine times.

The FDI then pointed accusing fingers at Kenneth as they believed he was behind the act because 50 Cent attacked him in one of his songs.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Kenneth’s greatest foe in Baisley park houses E-money bags and singleton were uncovered in a pool of blood. The FDI then took things personal as they believed Kenneth took that action as payback for them killing his best friend.

Jail sentence

Kenneth was arrested again alongside his colleagues under Murder Inc on the grounds of engaging in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Record label owner Irv was also put under tight scrutiny for aiding and abetting Kenneth to commit crimes.

After serious interrogation from the court and CID, Irv was found clean of all the crimes leveled against him.

Kenneth at that time was financially handicapped as all his properties were seized so he couldn’t hire a lawyer to defend himself. The court then gave him life imprisonment which he is currently been house arrested at USP McCreary one of America’s most secured prisons.

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Kenneth McGriff Net worth

Kenneth McGriff net worth as of his arrest was estimated at around $50 million as he made a lot of money from his drug trafficking business.

In his active days, his group supreme team made not less than $10,000 a day.

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Below are some FAQs about Kenneth McGriff

What is Kenneth McGriff net worth?

Kenneth McGriff net worth is currently rumored to be around $50 million.

How old is Kenneth McGriff?

Kenneth is currently 62years and would turn 63 on September 19,2023.

what was Kenneth McGriff crime?

Kenneth was arrested of murder and drug trafficking